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ammoindependence The Instant Crappie Catching Core Secrets Course Manual Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exoposed Free Last Stand Shirt The Winners Guide To

The Firearms Survival Guide

The Instant Crappie Catching Core Secrets Course Manual

Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed

Free Last Stand Shirt

The Winners Guide To Pigeon Racing

Surf Fishing, The Quick Start Guide To This Exciting Sport BoatLanes Dolphin Fishing Techniques carp fishing tips bait

The Surf Fishing Quick Start Guide

Connecting You With Everything Bass Fishing

Successful Strategies For Hunting Trophy Bass

Dolphin Fishing Techniques

Carp Secret Homemade Fish Bait Recipes


First off, we have the How to Build Your Own Survival Rifle module. Here you’ll learn how to custom build your own AR-15 rifle for much less than what you’d pay at a local gun shop. Perfect Product For Gun Owners, Preppers, Survivalists, Etc. Teaches How To Prepare The Ultimate Firearms Survival Plan For After Crisis. Next up is Ammo Independence: The Ultimate Guide to Reloading. This outstanding module teaches you how to manufacture your own ammunition and reload your spent cartridges and shells. The third module is on How to Hide Your Guns & Ammo. Once the crisis breaks and looting and rioting starts in the streets, the government will start confiscating guns.

Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide
Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide

How to turn your boat into an automatic crappie catching machine with a unique trolling system that combines weird bait movements, color combinations, multiple presentations, and Joel's "lawn mower" trolling pattern.
How to turn your boat into an automatic crappie catching machine with a unique trolling system
A sneaky system for catching 2 crappie at once with Joel's brilliant double fish finder rig... with a twist!
A sneaky system for catching 2 crappie
How to use flies to trigger jaw-dropping "flying crappie attacks" during the spawn... and get a huge advantage over your buddies.
flying crappie attacks

How to stab a minnow with your hook so it "spasms" through the water and gets nailed by suspending summer crappie. How to use "hidden gems" found in horse manure to catch a whole school of crappie in the winter! A group of little-known bass fishing baits you can modify to catch more crappie than anything else in the fall. 4 attack triggering baits spawning crappie rip into like rabid dogs!


Pigeon Racing Secret Weapon
How to avoid muscle fiber breakdown, which can seriously harm and permanatley damage your birds. The best diet and nutrition regimine possible so that your birds are at their best come race day. Signs to look for that your birds are suffering from "negative energy balance" Special attention you must pay attention to during young bird training to prevent depletion of energy reserves in the liver and muscle.
Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed
What energy sources will gain the maximum from our birds. What energy systems are used during the rigors of racing and how to get the best nutrition balance to supply energy for the race duration. The fuel requirements for pigeons in training. How to create "positive energy balance" in your pigeons during training and racing and how to avoid "negative energy balance" which renders a race team less competitive. How to achieve "bouyancy" in your birds and why bouyancy is so important for success. The one underlying factor in racing that any successful fancier needs to be familiar with. How to maximize lean body mass (i.e. muscle) and minimize body fat. AND MUCH MORE...

Learn The Pigeon Racing Feeding And Nutrition Secrets That Will Have Your Birds Flying At Warp Speed

Free Last Stand Shirt Offer Converts 13.3 Percent - Survival Life

Give Away The Last Stand Patriotic T-shirt Free And Make Killer Cash

Give Away The Last Stand Patriotic T-shirt Free And Make Killer Cash


What a winning loft consists of... everything from loft fixtures to ventilation. Loft management techniques to keep your loft and birds organized and ready for a winning race season. The crucial ingredients to a successfull breeding season.
The Winners Guide ToPigeon Racing
Race tested tips and techniques to help optimize the performance of your loft. Where to find winning birds to fill your loft with and what to look for. What the characteristics of a strong racer are and how to spot them as well as what characteristics to totally avoid.
Pigeon Racing Formula
The role of nutrition in the performance and health of your team Nutrition and feeding methods for breeding season, Where it all begins. The basic nutritional requirements of a champion pigeon. Pitfalls to look out for while breeding to keep you on track to success.
Feeding And Nutrition
How to condition your birds for peak physical performance Race winning training techniques the pros use for consistant winning results. AND MUCH MORE...


Bigger Fish-Surf Fishing
How to know when to change what to you’re doing and when to do it.. What the best live baits are and how to rig them.. How to read the surf and determine where the fish are.. How to know the best times to fish and when the bite will be on. How and where to get live bait free and easy.. How to make your own surf rigs for live bait.. Casting techniques to get the distance you need.. How to target the best spots on any beach for the best results..

Sougayilang Trolling Fishing Reel Right Hand Fishing Spinning Reel 15 Ball Bearings Saltwater Trolling Reels Casting Fishing  2018 Teben True 8 Bearings 5.2:1 Fresh Water Carp Fishing Spinning Reel 2-6000 Series Original Rubber Handle Reels Fishing
Proleurre 1PCS Minnow Fishing Lure Laser Hard Artificial Bait 3D Eyes 11cm 14g Fishing Wobblers diving 0.2m-1m Crankbait Minnows Mixed Fishing Lure Kits Crankbait/Minnow/Popper/Soft Lures Frog bait AOrace Fishing Lures Iscas Artificial Lifelike Carp Fishing
NOEBY 1PCS Big Popper fishing lure 130g/205mm 4colors 3D Eyes artificial bait Topwater hard lure JIADIAONI 63pcs/lot Fishing Lure Set Fly Tying Wobbler Minnow Hard Bait Metal Jig head Lure Crankbaits Carp Fishing Accessories
Hot Selling New Arrival 500m Z60 Daiwa Series Super Strong Japan Monofilament Nylon Fishing Line YX012 Without Plastic Box (Total 1000M) Goture 2pcs 500M PE Braided Fishing Line Multifilament 4 Strands Fishing Cord Carp Fishing Lines 12-80LB 6 Colors
Sonar Fish Finder for Fishing FF1108-1CWLA English&Russian Menu Wireless Sonar Color Fishfinder 147ft/45m Water Depth Sonar Fish GAMWATER 7" Inch HD 1000tvl Underwater Fishing Video Camera Kit 12 PCS White LEDs Video Fish Finder 15M 20M 30M 50M
Automatic Portable Electric Fishing Hook Tier Machine Fishing Accessories Tie Fast Fishing Hooks Line Tying Device Equipment New New updated version Stainless Steel Semi Automatic Fishing Hook Line Tier Tie Binding Device Tool Fishing Accessories

Connecting You With Everything Bass Fishing

Boatlanes Downloadable Gps Way Points Marking Actual Boat-running Lanes On Texas' Premier Bass Fishing Lakes: Lake Fork, Sam Rayburn, T-bend.
BoatLanes Downloads

Digital Bass Fishing Products

Pro-bass Fishing Training Manual

Essential Bass Fishing Tips

The Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual is the Insiders Guide To Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques Known to a Select Group of Highly Effective Bass Fisherman.
Bass Fishing Experience Improve Significantly
Complete Bass Fishing System Covering Every Aspect Of This Exciting Sport. Six Hot Bonuses Include How To Go Pro, Getting Sponsorship, Tournament Fishing And Much More.
How Your Bass Fishing Experience Will Change Forever

Dolphin Fishing Techniques

Professional sport fishing Captain Tommy Martin, former commercial Dolphin fisherman, reveals his Dolphin Fishing Techniques along with other methods he has learned from other successful Captains he has known over the last 40 years, most of whom are no longer living.
Dolphin Fishing Techniques
Dolphin Fishing Techniques

Carp Secret Homemade Fish Bait Recipes

Easy To Make Baits Offer Fun For The Whole Family. Carp Fishing Is Popular Around The World.
Secret Fishing Bait Formulas Revealed
Attention Carp Fishing Enthusiasts – Here’s the Time Tested Secret Carp Fishing Bait Recipes that will Fill Your Stringer Full of Carp, Give You Action That Will Practically Break Your Pole, and Just Simply Amaze Your Buddies.


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