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Become A Famous Fashion Designer Flapper Dress Pattern Learn The Fashion Secrets That Designers Fashion-Drawing-Figure-Templates-Ebook Fashion_Business_Formula_Membership

Fashion Designer

How to make 1920s Flapper One Hour Dress Costume

Learn The Fashion Secrets That Designers

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Business Formula

Antique Jewellery Revealed  
Antique Jewellery Revealed


Become A Famous Fashion Designer
The SECRETS to Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer! 'Discover How To Get Paid $1,000 p/week As A Professional Fashion Designer....'
Professional Fashion Designer
Getting Started In The Fashion Industry Can Be Hard work- So Im Going to Let You in On the Professional Secrets to Getting The Killer Job You Have Always Wanted!
Discover How You Can Achieve Your Ultimate Dream of Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer
If It Has Been 'YOUR DREAM' To Become A Fashion Designer, Or Start Your Own Fashion Line- You Are In The Right Place At The Right Time!
The 'SECRETS To Becoming A Professional Fashion Designer' Manual- Ebook

The SECRETS to Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer


Flapper Dress Pattern When announcement was first made in 1923 that Mary Brooks Picken of the Woman's Institute had developed a new plan by which an attractive dress could be made in an hour, it aroused tremendous interest among women everywhere. Some doubted that such an achievement was possible, until the dress was made in a public demonstration in the Grand Central Palace, New York, in 34 minutes, a fact recorded in the New York newspapers and attested to by officials of the National Merchandise Fair.
Flapper Dress Pattern The simple dressmaking system developed by Mary Picken is just as relevant today as it was in 1924. Whether you are trying to create a 1920's dress, sew a flapper dress costume, learn dressmaking, looking for inspiration, or a fashion student - you will get something from this book. Note: This System bypasses the pattern stage, but you can use it to make patterns.
Making a Dress in an Hour

The simple dressmaking system developed


Learn The Fashion Secrets That Designers, Celebrities, Models And Actresses Use To Make Themselves Look Fabulous. In This Fashion Makeover Guide, Rita Unveils The Science Behind Choosing The Right Clothes And Makeup For Your Body Type And Skin Tone.

How to discover your true style and use it to look your best
Do You Have A Closet Full Of Clothes... But Still Have NOTHING To Wear?? What if you ditched all those unflattering outfits and replaced them with a carefully selected wardrobe that makes you feel great and LOOK FANTASTIC, no matter which outfit you choose?

Learn The Fashion Secrets That Designers, Celebrities, Models And Actresses Use To Make Themselves Look Fabulous


Fashion Drawing Figure Templates Ebook

Trends in Fashion for Autumn 2006 Winter 2007

Fashion-Drawing-Figure-Templates-Ebook Trends in Fashion for Autumn 2006 Winter 2007

   100% Money back guarantee if you are not delighted with the eBook.
   Contents Fashion Drawing Figure Templates

   Drawing Fashion - Hints, Tips and Basic Templates
   Model Outlines Elegant Templates
   Model Outlines Strident Templates
   Model Outlines Sexy Templates
   Model Outlines Confident Templates
   Model Outlines Back and Side Templates
   Fashion Gallery of My Storyboards

1. Major Looks
2. Colour Trends
3. Mood Boards
4. Fabric Trends
5. Wardrobe Needs
6. Handbags and Belts
7. Shoes and Hosiery
8. Jewellery
9. Hats
10. Coats
11. Checks & Plaids
12. Lady in Red
13. Purple Clothes

14. Gold Colours
15. Gold Accessories
16. Grey Fashion
17. Ladies Dress
18. Young Women's Evening Dress
19. Office Party Dress
20. Long Dress
21. Petite Fashion
22. Magic Slimming Dress
23.'Must Haves'
24. Dolce & Gabbana
25. Designer Furs
26. Fur Looks

      Vintage Clothes Ebook

            Undergarments ebook

Vintage-Clothes-Ebook Undergarments-ebook

        20 Sections totalling over 100 pages when printed on A4.  Copyright 2001-2005
         The aim of my ebook is to give you tips and to help you understand vintage fashion.  As you read the pages so you will develop your own approach presenting, selling and collecting Vintage clothing. The principles apply to dresses and accessories of any era. I will also give you examples of quality vintage items from several respected internet vintage sellers.

Fashion Drawing Figure Templates Ebook

Fashion Membership Training Program

How to Start a fashion Design Business Working from your Own Home

Fashion Business Formula
How to Start a fashion Design Business Working from your Own Home Who Else Wants To
Become A Fashion Designer And Start A  Fashion Business? 
No Fashion Experience required
You Can Work at Home Creating Your Clothing Line
Hardly Any Money Needed To Get Started
Weekly Bite Size Online Lessons
Get Online And Offline Customers
want to become a fashion designer
fashion design business
Fashion Business Blueprint
The Fashion Business Blueprint

Fashion Membership Training Program


Who Else Wants Access To A Long Lost Resource That Contains 1000's Of Pieces Of Information About Antique Jewellery Now you can get answers to practically any antique jewellery question you have in seconds. What is the history of jewellery? During which part of history did the Dutch have the most influence on British art and jewellery? How has the skill of a metallurgist helped in the development of jewellery? When did hallmarking of gold come into use?
antique jewellery
Greek influence in Etruscan jewellery

Antique Jewellery Visit Website


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