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This Ebook Solely Concentrates On The Sacred Feminine Of Ancient Egypt, A Topic That Enchants People The World Over.
Do you find yourself drawn to understanding more about the sacred feminine of Ancient Egypt? Some people find the mythology of ancient cultures the most fascinating part of ancient history. And some are especially attracted to the ancient goddesses… something about the mix of femininity and divine power stirs them deeply. If you're like that then you might want to explore the strength, beauty and charm of Ancient Egypt's Greatest Goddesses. The Forms, Roles, And Worship Of The Divine Ladies Of The Nile Valley... This eBook solely concentrates on Ancient Egyptian Goddesses. And although there are literally hundreds of them with endless little details, I’ve hand-picked a collection of the absolute best – the pure essentials, for your reading pleasure. Contrary to most other cultures, the ancient Egyptians worshiped the sky as a feminine force… They believed the stars to be the milk that spewed forth from her breasts… Why cats were worshiped as guardians and goddesses, and adorned with jewelry by royal families. When a goddess was in her element of aggression she was unstoppable, even by the god of the underworld himself! Who was charged with executing the pharaoh’s enemies. Which Egyptian Goddesses crowned the king.And when she was avenging her own father, he was helpless to stop her from going too far. Why Isis such an iconic figure; the most popular deity of the entire pantheon, including all the male gods.

Ancient Egypt's Greatest Goddesses Is Not Written Like An Encyclopedia


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