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Things to Do In Cancun
Cancun on the cheap Taxis in the hotel zone are outrageous. Cancun has some of the finest stores in the world selling designer jewelry and clothing. The shuttle, where they pack 10-15 of you in a hot van will cost you $45-60 per person. The tourist restaurants in the hotel zone cost as much and even more than in any major city in the world. Drink prices at your hotel, restaurants and bars will rival or exceed drink prices in a nice bar in a major American city. Almost every tourist attraction is going to be more expensive than what a normal person thinks it should be. The concierge is there to help you, right? Wrong. Find out why on page 10 point This one word: can cost you $50,000 if you don't know what to do when you hear it. (Page 9) point The one thing you MUST remember, even if you forget every other word in the book. (pg 10) point The dirty little secret your bell boy, bus driver and taxi driver all know. AND MUCH MORE....

A Revealing "insiders" Guide To How To Experience Cancun On The Cheap


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