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Philippines Experience: Basic Expat Training Manual Secrets To Retiring To Thailand philippines-travel-guide Russian Visas And Travel Bali Travel Warnings

Philippines Experience: Basic Expat Training Manual

Secrets To Retiring To Thailand

Philippines Insider: The Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide

Russian Visas And Travel

Bali Travel Warnings

Planet Burma Vietnamese Motorcycle Licence kawaiishoppingintokyo


Planet Burma

A Motor Cycle Driving Licence In Vietnam

Kawaii Shopping In Tokyo

Prepare, Plan, Arrive In Paradise

Reduce the Time It Takes to Move To the Philippines.Provide A Fair and Balanced View Of Living In The Philippines.  Not hype.  I tell you the good and The bad. Arm you With Information To Help Keep You Out of Trouble. Comprehensive 212 Page manual that continues to grow. The Manual has Been Updated More Than 10 Times. Get All Future Updates At No Additional Cost. Help You Reduce The cost To Start Living In the Philippines. Make Visa Requirements Simple. Find Out Why You Should Move To the Philippines or Why it might not be right for you. Reveal The Information You Need To Make The Move happen. to Find the Woman Of your Dreams! Start Living In the Philippines Guide

Stop dreaming about living in the Philippines and make it happen today!


ebook cover

The website has grown to about 180 pages and updating all the pages continually and promptly is not possible so we decided to create an EBook.
Fourteen chapters which cover the most important factors in deciding if to retire here to Chaing Mai, Thailand, how to go about it, what to watch out for, how to live comfortably on less and much more. Find out about the accommodations we offer to clients and why they will save you money. Find out how to protect yourself against unexpected political events such as recent red shirt and yellow shirt rallies. Find out how we will make anyone the wager that they can live here not on $550 US a month but $450 US a month and we will show you how.
Find out how to do "working without working" and make money tax free in Chiang Mai which will supplement your savings and pension and give you more money to live on and also peace of mind about your financial health. Find out how some retiree's get themselves into a mess financially and emotionally and how you can void it happening to you.



1. Regions of the Philippines
• Extensive Details of Each Region
The entire country is divided into 17 regions based on the geographical, cultural and ethnological characteristics of the areas within each region.
Manila, Cebu, Davao
The three main cities of the Philippines.
Philippine Regions and Provinces
Each Philippine region is described with substantial specifications on every tourist attraction to see and exactly where it is and how to get there.
2. Philippine Visa
Permanent Resident Visa (13A) - Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage.
Philippine Visa Procedures, Strategies and Tips for Every Situation.
3. Philippine Culture.
Philippine Myths and Philippine Mythology
Early Influences - Colonization - Religion
Background information about the culture of the Philippines. I help you understand how and why Filipinos do what they do.
Philippine myths and superstitions are very diverse. Philippine culture today still retains the prevalence of mythology. AND MUCH MORE....


Tourist Invitation Business Invitation Tourist Group Invitation Transit Visa Visa for children If you travel by car Before you leave On your arrival Registration Embassy Locator Troubleshooting Work Permit and Work Visa FAQ – frequently asked questions.

YOUR VISA: We provide letters of invitation to all of our customers. Tourist invitations may be ordered online. YOUR ACCOMMODATION: We will sort out your accommodation (a hotel or a holiday let). If you book your accommodation with us GET YOUR LETTER OF INVITATION FREE! YOUR TICKETS: We are happy to offer you our transfers to and from airport and much more. Once you are with us, we can help with the train and plane tickets. When it comes to a train journey, The Trans-Siberian Railway is always a very popular option. Come and celebrate your birthday, marriage or simply have a party in Russia! YOUR BUSINESS: People who can not stop working, check out our business trips YOUR SAFETY NET: Please remember, whatever happens. YOUR ENTERTAINMENT: Please choose from (but don’t be limited to) our bank of entertainment: sightseeing programs folk shows, theater performances boat trips adventure and special interest tours and activities! By the way, all of these are available as a VIP option. We also organise private events.

Site Of Famous Travel Company St.petersburg, Russia


You may not know Indonesia, but have to know about Bali. It has clear running creeks with green mountains in all seasons, flowers blooming, tall trees standing into sky. Bali has various entertainments: local culture, first class hotels, cliff viewing, volcanic viewing, watching dolphin, diving, surfing, rafting, volcano climbing, delicious food, ocean and beach activities, shopping? People in Bali are philosophers of life. Working hard, enjoying food, sleeping peacefully, living with everything in harmony, enjoying every minutes of life, easy and relax life- long. First impression about Island of Bali basic Information about the "dish" you are making. Get practical guides such as currency exchange, consuming, electrical adaptor, communication, online, etc, taking care all details during your Bali trip. Strategy of saving how to save hundreds in airfare. Clearly set up travel principles, and guide you travel plan throughly step by step.  AND MUCH MORE....


    • Rangoon 1941*
    • Abhaya: Burma's fearlessness*
    • Myanmar: Burma in Style*
    • Under Running Laughter*
    • Burmese Painting*
    • The State in Myanmar*
    • 30 heritage buildings of Yangon*
    • Burma: A Nation at the Crossroads*
    • Where China meets India*
    • Exodus Burma*
    • Splendour in Wood: the Buddhist Monasteries of Burma
    • Mon Nationalism and Civil War in Burma
    • Aung San and the Struggle for Burmese Independence
    • Beyond the Last Village: a Journal of Discovery
  • The Making of Modern Burma.
  • The British Humiliation of Burma
  • Living Silence
  • Chinthe Women*
  • Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics*
  • Karenni: The Forgotten War
  • Shades of Gold and Green...Colonial Burmah
  • Economic Development of Burma*
  • Epilogue in Burma 1945-48*
  • Ma Ma Hta
  • My Vanished World
  • The Burmese Harp
  • Strengthening Civil Society in Burma
  • Ballads of Burma
  • The Glass Palace* (novel)
  • Burmese Cuisine
  • In Grandpa's Footsteps. AND MUH MUCH MORE....

  • Where you need to go to get your licence application. I give you the name of the office and the actual address you need to go to.
    The government offices you must visit to do all of the above. It took a lot of running around for me to get this information — but it’s all available for you in my e-book. 
    The notarizing process you must go through to get your documents ready for your licence application submission. There is an actual process your documents MUST go through, in order to be accepted for submission.  But it’s all spelled out for you in my e-book.
  • The documentation you need to produce to get your licence application processed. If you don’t know which documents you need, the process will be delayed.  With my e-book, all the guesswork is removed. I show you exactly what documents you need to include. AND MORE....

A Motor Cycle Driving Licence In Vietnam


kawaiishoppingintokyo Discover the seven main types of “absolutely MUST see” kawaii shops in Tokyo (some of these will really surprise you!).
Uncover the secrets to finding Hello Kitty regional goods without having to visit all the different regions of Japan.
Discover where to find all your favourite character goods from brands like San-X, Sanrio, Disney and Studio Ghibli.
Follow a fool-proof guide to finding all the hidden kawaiin treasures around Ikebukuro without getting completely lost and frustrated.
Find the eight kawaii shopping gems around Ginza (Hello Kitty bouquet anyone?)
Learn about the best places around Tokyo to find gachapon (capsule toys that make the cutest little souvenirs and don’t take up much room in your suitcase).
Spend more time shopping in adorable stores filled to the brim with kawaii goodies rather than wandering aimlessly and wasting your previous vacation time.
Find out about my favourite shops for picking up cute kawaii goodies for only a dollar or two. AND MUCH MORE....


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