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thefitnessbootcamp Little rugby league players Sure Results:the Ultimate Book Of Bootcamp Workouts championship-volleyball-drills Mr. Fix-it For Sports

Sure Victory- Fitness Bootcamp Pro Package

Netball Star And Rugby League Star

Sure Results:the Ultimate Book Of Bootcamp Workouts

Volleyball Magic

Mr. Fix-it For Sports

Youth Football Coaches Handbook Raising Athletic Royalty Climbing Workouts – Essential Training



Youth Football Coaches Handbook

Raising Athletic Royalty

Climbing Workouts – Essential Training


Sure Victory- Fitness Bootcamp Pro Package
Veteran Boot Camp Business How to select the right equipment to maximize training and get good results for your trainees – options include bodyweight training, working with your existing terrain, or bringing simple equipment. You can get results no matter where you train!
What differentiates a boot camp from other fitness programs and the 10 reasons why they’re so effective (once you understand these keys, you’ll be able to create your own sold-out boot camps).
You’ll discover seven ways to assess a participant’s fitness level, set realistic goals based on that information and measure your participant’s progress. Doesn’t it feel good to get great results for your clients?
Get Complete Nutritional Guidelines to Pass Along to Your Trainees. When you download Sure Victory Bootcamp Business 2.0.We will ship the newly released "How to Build your Own Fitness Bootcamp" physical book to you for Free.
New to boot camps? No problem. You’ll learn the role of a good instructor and why working out in groups is important to your trainees’ success. AND MUCH MORE...

Fitness Boot Camp Kit-how To Run Successful Fitness Bootcamps,how To Design Fitness Boot Camp Workouts

Brilliant eBooks helping parents turn their children in to sporting stars

Netball coaching
How to dramatically increase your daughter’s netball skill. What you can do to develop her passion for netball and confidence. Solid fundamental training; like ball handling, passing and catching, hand eye coordination and goal shooting skills. Simple, quick and easy warm up methods so her little body is ready to go. Food suggestions and tips so her body is fuelled up and ready for maximum performance when she needs it. Fitness and strength programs to enable your little girl the muscle tone and endurance to play, compete and shine. Footwork and running methods, strategies and activities to develop her speed and coordination.
Rugby League skills

How to increase your son’s Rugby League skills. Simple ideas to develop his passion for League and confidence. Simple, quick and easy warm up methods so his little body is ready to go. Simple drills and tips to develop all 9 of the fundamentals for Rugby League success. Food suggestions and tips so his body is fuelled up and ready for maximum performance.Fitness and strength programs to develop his muscle tone and endurance. Footwork, running drills and activities to develop his speed and co-ordination. What you can do to incentivize your son so he enjoys his training and wants to do it.


Ultimate Book Of Bootcamp Workouts

Sure Results:the Ultimate Book Of Bootcamp Workouts

Here's How You Can Quickly and Easily Get Over 600 Results-Driven Boot Camp Workouts Put Together By 90+ World Class Trainers...Guaranteed To Keep Your Fitness Camps Fun, Packed and Profitable.

Includes workouts from numerous elite fitness boot camp trainers 
from all over the world! Over 210 NEW workouts written exclusively by the Sure Results team!! Also includes new warm ups and cool downs, planning form for your workouts, full glossary of exercise descriptions, exclusive bonuses and more.

Now, you can have access to their top boot camp workout programs!

From The Author Of Sure Victory The Sure Results Bootcamp Workout Manuals Includes 100s Of Bootcamp Workouts From Elite Fitness Bootcamp Trainers

The Breakthrough Volleyball System

VOLLEYBALL MAGIC-The Breakthrough Volleyball System

VOLLEYBALL MAGIC-The Breakthrough Volleyball System 16 "Backstage" Video Drills And Behind-The-Scenes Instructions!
65 "Secret Weapon" Drills And 22 "Black Ops" Practice Routines!
Part Three: Instant Champion Mindset Audios!
High-Powered Interviews with Your Favorite Volleyball Champions!

   Have you ever seen a team that just ...flows? You know what I mean. It's like they're in the "zone" and every move they make is perfect.    First, you’ll see a video diagram and voice-over explaining the drill.
   Then you'll literally be a part of the action as you see the coach step the team through the drill.
  High-Powered Interviews with Your Favorite Volleyball Champions!.....
   Then, you get the "Coach's Corner Critique Footage" where we're personally showing you step-by-step how the drill is performed and critiquing the player’s performance.
   This instantly gives you a crystal-clear understanding of how to "transplant" these drills into your own team in a matter of minutes.
   You can watch the videos right on your PC any time you want—just click and you're instantly transported to our volleyball coaching center. How simple is that?
Instant Champion Mindset Audios! .....


Mr. Fix-it For Sports

Do you experience fears, doubts, nervousness and even self sabotage in your sport? Are you bothered by Problems, Frustrations and Concerns that you can't solve and nobody can help you with? Do you experience training and performance slumps where nothing seems to work for you even though you train hard, get into great shape and make all the sacrifices? Do you experience a great performance one day and then you can't seem to replicate it again... and it doesn't matter how hard you train? Do you experience problems controlling your training and performance to the level that you would like? Is your Timing off... where nothing seems to work for you at the right time and at the right place? Do you have a hard time achieving and maintaining your speed? Do you experience OFF days where nothing seems to work?


The Journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step. If you are reading this website you are probably a coach looking for information to make yourself a better coach and you have found a resource that will jump up and smack you like a linebacker on 4th and 1.  “The Youth Football Coaches Guide ” covers every aspect of coaching youth football and for the price of lunch with your friends, will provide you with hundreds of ideas, videos and resources to make you a better coach.


Raising Athletic Royalty


Whichever the chosen sport, Raising Athletic Royalty provides essential insights, motivational quotes and perfect phrases to assist parents and coaches to inspire greatness in their athletes. Effective leadership begins with a can do, optimistic attitude.

Raising Athletic Royalty combines the latest sports science discoveries and neuroscience personality profiling along with personal lessons that motivate belief, confidence and passion.

Raising Athletic Royalty is your parental playbook for life.

Raising Athletic Royalty


Climbing Workouts – Essential Training Climbing Workouts develops training systems, video tutorials and manuals that are available to anyone who wishes to get better at rock climbing (Indoor and Outdoor). All our training systems and manuals are inspired in the best training practices applied by elite climbers across the world, from the spotlighted achieved competition climber, to the underdog rock warrior. The mission of Climbing Workouts is to spread knowledge about training climbing and teach people how they can plan, schedule, track and successfully execute custom plans that work for them.

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