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ganesha 1 oto Abiding In God By Repentance doubleyourchurchattendance Youth Ministry Supercharge Your Sermons 2.0

9 Sacred Secrets Of Ganesha: The Ganesha Experience

Abiding In God By Repentance

Double Your Church Attendance

Monthly Youth Ministry Resources

Supercharge Your Sermons 2.0

Antichrist Identity ISLAMIC MEDITATION PROGRAM Myles Munroe Media Vault Jesus The Man And His Work computer Bible software

The Antichrist Identity V

Islamic Meditation Program

Myles Munroe Media Vault

Jesus: The Man And His Work

Teach The Bible To Change Lives


seven dvds oto The first complete and beautiful resource on Ganesha that combines India’s ancient wisdom with personal development tools for practical application in daily life. Finally, you too can access Ganesha’s 4 Authentic Success Secrets to unlock your true potential and live a passionate, meaningful life. How can I open the flow to abundance? How do I attain inner peace in the busyness of everyday life? What are the secrets to unlocking creativity? What do I need to do to find success? How do I ensure a happy, joyful marriage? How can I be happy at work? How do I maintain a successful work-life balance? What are the secrets to attain lasting wealth and not worry about bills? How can I build stronger, happier relationships with my children, friends, colleagues and people around me? How do I achieve fulfillment and satisfaction? What is the secret to living a passionate life? he Route to Popularity &The Route to Lasting Success in Challenging Times ganesha 2 oto Learn from Ganesha his earliest and strongest quality that empowers him to become successful, even in the face of trials and tribulations The wisdom of a single ingredient that you must keep in your heart and life when you have experienced loss or failure, which will help you gain back something even bigger than your loss.

Exclusive Ganesha Experience One Time Offer


Shows how to receive and experience God's presence by training your heart to trade earthly dependencies for experiencing God abundantly and by God's grace, abiding 24 hours-a-day! Repentance changes how you think!

Abiding In God By Repentance

Why You Can Change

We keep doing what we don't want to do because of the "benefits" we gain from the behavior. Even though the behavior may hurt us greatly, it reassures us, makes us feel strong, or secure in some way. 

Repentance lets you trade earthly dependencies for God's presence! The reason you can change is because of God's abundant grace to draw near to you! 

When God's presence pours through you, your longings are filled more deeply and more pleasurably than anything this life has to offer.  


  • Worship attendance that is stagnant or declining
  • Tithes, offerings, and pledges that are stagnant or declining.
  • Low staff and ministerial morale
  • Volunteer burn-out; Too few workers to do the work of the church
  • Lack of participation by younger families
  • Declining church membership; families leaving, older members dying
  • Squabbling, back-biting, and power-struggles among church members
  • Deteriorating church building(s) and facilities - no money for repairs, upgrades, or replacements.
  • An atmosphere of malaise, pessimism and negativity
  • Worship attendance that grows exponentially so that you have to add additional services just to handle the crowds.
  • A steadily-increasing flow of financial support and offerings from a membership that is genuinely enthused about the work and missions of the church, and their participation in it.
  • AND MORE..
  • A comprehensive, proven, winning church attendance program that will keep them coming back!
  • Powerful, winning church growth ideas, tips, and strategies gathered from highly successful ministers, church planters, and congregations!
  • Methods and techniques easily adaptable to nearly ANY congregation or religious tradition!
  • And much, much more!


Monthly Youth Ministry Resources Youth Ministry

Internet Safety Tips For Teens The internet is a wonderful place for all sorts of things, but there are also many dangers that we must make sure our students avoid. Share the ideas in this report with your students and their parents! FaceBook Tips For Youth Ministry Over 500 Million people world wide have a Facebook account, and the number continues to rise dramatically each day. Youth Ministry Resources - Stay up to date on the latest programs/services for you to use in your Ministry. Group Classroom - Trip Checklists, Permission slips, Plannpr<; anrl Rp<;mirrp<; fnr vnur Ynnth MinKtrv Planners and Resources for your Youth Ministry. Price Assurance - As long as you are a member, your price will never go up, even if we raise the membership fee. Here are a ton of sound tips to keep in mind when using Facebook so that you can get the most out of it for your ministry work! 2 New Weekly Bible Lessons - Plus access to all past Bible Lessons uploaded to Simple Powerpoint Presentations - Access to entire collection, updated monthly. Premium Blog Access - Access to "Members Only" Posts which include videos, handouts and much more.

Monthly Youth Ministry Resources



Learn The Principles Of Constructing And Presenting Powerful Sermons By Making Use Of The African American Preaching Tradition. This 6 Month Course Will Provide Audio, Text, And Video Lessons That Will Allow You To Take Your Sermons To The Next Level.

Traditional Sermons include a continual battle to keep the people listening. OK, you have worked hard to come up with this sermon, but now you have to get it heard. Traditional Sermons do not necessarily have behavioral change as the objective. Some sermons seem to only pass on knoweldge. Their only purpose is to inform. Other sermons seem to encourage enlightenment. Traditional Sermons don't worry about application until late in the process. We emphasize what the text said in the traditional approach. We spend much time trying to pull out what the text said. Traditional Sermons require removing yourself from the presentation. Great preaching is truth through your personality.


The Antichrist Identity V

How could UBS Warburg, one of the most powerful banks in the world cave in under pressure to the IRS and reveal the names of over 500 individuals in the US with offshore accounts in Switzerland. Why is it that within the next 3 years that offshore banking and banking privacy will be a thing of the past?
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has previously kicked people off its airtime including Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey, yet Joel Osteen who stated that Mormons were our Christian brothers is given all the airtime he needs. What is actually going on with the Crouch dynasty?
What was happening across the Arab world during the overthrow of Gadaffi in Libya, Mubarak in Egypt and revolutions and uprisings in other Arab states. What is the prophetic significance? Does this bode well for world peace?
Is there such as thing as an inter-dimensional portal or a gateway between the physical realm and the realm of angels? A massive interview with a world authority who was involved with the secret US government stargate agenda!
Kanye West, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce - What is the significance of them including the the symbol of the horned devil,  Baphomet and other occult messages in their music videos. Is this sheer coincidence or intelligent design? AND MORE...


Revolutionary Six-Week Online Course in Islamic Spiritual Spirituality Will Help You
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety
  • Attract Abundance and Prosperity
  • Develop Inner Peace and Gain Confidence
  • Become Successful and Grow Spiritually
  • Improve Your Life in Every Way

Islamic Meditation Program



Now, you can access the very same teachings, principles and resources that have changed the lives of millions and have been the foundation of world renowned Speaker, Teacher and Pastor Dr. Myles Munroe. My resources are now available to you in an affordable monthly package that can be used for your own personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Now you can have access to my private media vault anytime you want! It doesn’t matter where you are located you now have immediate access to my resources. Here is what you can expect to receive with your special media vault membership:Information and Teachings that will enrich your life as I cover topics about… Family Relationships Leadership Potential Purpose Self-Improvement Kingdom Living …and much more!

Monthly Youth Ministry Resources


Jesus The Man And His Work
Jesus The Man And His Work

Long Lost Lecture by Wallace D. Wattles, Author of "The Science of Getting Rich", Reveals the Shocking Truth About Jesus of Nazareth!

  • Where today's accepted, orthodox concept of Jesus' personal character and message came from and why it was created! Where the picture of Jesus, that you hold in your mind, really came from!
  • What would happen if the President of the United States resigned this afternoon and it were announced that Jesus would take his place tomorrow!The three biggest misconceptions about why Jesus was despised!
    • Five things you must become or have if you want a truly Christ-like personality!
    • Why Jesus assumed the title - the Son of Man! 
    • The only reason God ever had for giving authority to any man!
    • Why Jesus stressed the fact that he was a man!
    • An indisputable economic axiom!
    • The real cause of poverty!
    • The single most important thing you must stand for if you want to stand with God!
    • The true Christian attitude - the attitude that Jesus took!
    • AND MORE...


The one essential tool you need for preparing lessons, and why you don't need a whole library of books. How to design a lesson so that people are hungry to learn more from the Bible itself. The breakthrough methods for teachers to study the whole Bible and shorter passages to mine the breadth and depth of God's truth. (Actually, some of these methods are very, very old - but hardly anyone knows their power. Many of these have never been published anywhere else.) Why those canned Bible studies may not be effective for your class, and how to adapt studies for your group to they get precisely what they need. Four easy ways to get your class involved in discussion that actually helps everyone learn, including you. What you should do the five days before you teach. How to take notes in your Bible so that it becomes a turbo-charged teaching tool for every situation. The three critical questions every teacher must answer. Guidelines for praying for your students.

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