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Substance Abuse

Sexual Addiction Treatment System

Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Inner Adolescent

Healing The Critical Parent

Created By World Renowned Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, Drop The Addiction Is Designed To Help You Free Yourself From The Grip Of Substance Abuse

  Celebrity Hypnotist Shocks The World Yet Again With The Long Awaited Release Of A Life Changing Resource That Is Being Coined The Substance Shattering Secret.
Join The Numbers Of Others Who Once Lived Their Lives Enslaved By The Spell Of Substance Abuse Who Now Enjoy Life Clean, Sober, Focused, Energized And Victorious Rather Than The Defeated Souls They Once Were!

Natural High Substance Abuse Education. The Addiction Erasing Tools - Learn the same techniques that I use with patients in rehabilitation facilities that got them clean and sober for good. The Subconscious Sober System - Reprogram your mind to drop the addiction once and for all. Substance Abuse Treatment.
Negative Habit Replacement - Become more motivated to change bad habits and learn to replace them with productive positive habits. The Joy Of Lifestyle Reconstruction The Power Of Craving Control - Learn to control your cravings and say goodbye to them forever so they no longer infiltrate your new, happy life style.

Substance Shattering Secret, Visit Website


Sexual Addiction Is A Growing Area And We Are At The Forefront With The Healthy Sexuality System. Accepting help is the first step in overcoming your sexual addictions. Start your new life today.

Move Forward, Today.Understand

Masturbation and porn addictions lead to shame, guilt, and worry. All potentially disabling emotions. In fact, you probably feel a combination of these feelings right now. I know I did. But the more I understood about why I was using porn and masturbation to hide from my problems, the closer I moved towards acting in a sexually healthy manner. I'll walk you through several exercises designed to help you understand yourself and how you came to have this addiction. I suffered from sex addiction until I decided to help myself. Now I helpothers suffering from porn addiction or those who want to stop masturbating.

Learn more about sexual health and fertility, including a description of impotence and infertility, causes, and reasons.


Moving forward into a period of your life free from the debilitating effects of frequent masturbation and porn consumption is its own reward. Once you re-train your mind and body, you'll find yourself forming better relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.



A guide for sexual abuse survivors and their partners. A Ebook Specifically Written For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse And Their Partners To Learn How To Develop Intimacy In Their Relationships. This Includes Intimacy In All Aspects Of A Relationship Including Sexual Intimacy.

This is my second book after many suggestions from survivors and their partners a steal at $8.00!!! The barriers to intimacy. Most importantly, the commitment it takes to reach true intimacy in relationships and the wonderful blessing true intimacy can be!
It is my hope and prayer that this intimacy ebook will help you to discover and develop intimacy in every aspect of your relationships. This book is about what sexual abuse and sexual healthy is, the symptoms it leaves behind.
Developing-intimacy is my second book for survivors of sexual abuse and their partners to learn how to build intimacy in their relationships.

How To Develop Intimacy In Their Relationships


Two Meditations: One Takes You To Meet Your Inner Child And The Other Takes You To Meet Your Inner Adolescent.

Working With and Healing Your Inner Child & Inner Adolescent

When you were about 5 or 6 years old, a part of your consciousness branched off from the rest of you. And the more intensity, the more pain, the more shame you were going through at the time, then the more of your consciousness stayed behind.

This part of you is called the inner child.

It's a living, breathing, part of YOU. Just as a lower branch is still part of the tree it's attached to, no matter how big the tree gets. As you get older and go through more and more bad experiences the body breaks into more parts, these parts of you are called the inner child. While the tree continued to grow upward, a branch was formed that 'stayed behind' - so-to-speak. That branch is still part of your tree. Whether you acknowledge it or not. It's attached to you.
Actually, in some cases, where the childhood was too traumatic, that branch can become the main trunk. Then you've got some real problems.

Look to your own childhood. Think back. How healthy was it?

Conversely, the more pain you went through then, the more problems you're likely to have now. The happier your childhood, the less of a problem you'll now have with your inner child. Because he or she will be happy and content to stay in their own world.

Working With and Healing Your Inner Child & Inner Adolescent


Audio File Explains The Inner 'critical Parent' And How To Change It Into A Loving, Nurturing Voice. A Life-altering Meditative Technique For Anyone Who Suffers From Inner Self-criticism

Healing The Critical Parent

If you constantly hear a nagging, critical voice inside your head, a voice that's always putting you down, then it's most likely the inner critical parent. The perpetrator is the critical parent voice, the victim feelings come from the wounded inner child places.

While your ego also can put you down, it's not quite as singularly-focused as the critical parent.

For some people, the voice sounds just like their own mother or father. For others, it's a voice unique to their own personality. Either way, it's time to end it. The critical parent voice is always harping on you, always nagging you, always criticizing you.

All parents, however well intentioned, create critical inner voices. Whether your inner parent is critical or nurturing depends on how your own life has developed. The more you were nurtured, the more nurturing your inner parent will be. But the more criticism you had to endure, then the more critical your inner parent will be. It's easy to change your critical parent into a nurturing parent. While everyone has an 'inner parent' - not everyone experiences the dark side of it. For some, the inner parent nurtures and offers words of love. But most of us don't have that luxury.

It's easy to change your critical parent into a nurturing parent. This meditation shows you exactly how to do it quickly.

Healing The Critical Parent

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