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novel writing The Complete Beginners Guide To Writing Books For Children Write Million-dollar Copy hildrenswritingsupersystem Instant Recommendation Letter Kit

Planning And Writing A Novel

The Complete Beginners Guide To Writing Books For Children

The Worlds Best Copywriters

The Complete Children’s Writing Super System

How To Write Any Type Of Recommendation Or Reference Letter

create a simple eBook eulogywritingguide helpwritingbook writerincome Write Faster And Smarter

How To Publish Your Own Best-selling Ebook

Eulogy Writing System

Help Writing Book

Writer Income

5 Proven Rituals To Help You Write Faster And Smarter


novel writing

Discover the insider secrets you MUST know if you want to see your novel selling in bookstores across the country.

A 196-page e-book (over 62,000 words--that's longer than many bound books, over twice the length of most e-books), packed with all the information you need to easily plan and write a novel that editors will jump at the chance to publish. This book will lay out everything you need to know about plotting, characters, setting, research, pacing and scene structure, getting the writing right, and preparing for submission to agents and editors. Best novel writing software. This is a complete system that's simple to follow, fun to do and will inspire you to write and be successfull!

How To Become A Writer Extraordinaire System:

 How to have the successful writer's mindset.  You'll create the mindset you need to assure your success.

 An easy writing tool that you can use for only 5 minutes a day to rev up your writing energy and build your writing muscles - practice makes perfect.  You'll learn the best way to practice writing and what this practice can do for you. A 189-page Manual packed with all the information you must have to become a successful writer. This manual will lay out everything you need to know about yourself, about writing, and about the publishing world to create the successful writing career you want.  Best software for novel writing.


The Complete Beginners Guide To Writing Books For Children

Writing children's books can offer a fun and rewarding 'work at home' income method, and one with many benefits. - It's also an incredibly relaxing and rewarding experience! The Fascinating & Easy To Follow Information I Am Sharing With You In This Guide Will Really Help You Get Started...You'll be creating your first children's book and getting it out there before you know it!

  • The Art of The Storyteller
  • Formulas & Book Planning - Why this is so vital and how to do it with ease!
  • Character Development (creating characters that children will adore)!
  • Can't Type? – No Problem (I know you'll LOVE this)!
  • Writing Your Book - The stuff you REALLY need to know!
  • How to market your book and get it selling and making you money!
  • AND MUCH More!

The Complete Beginners Guide To Writing Books For Children


Write Million-dollar Copy

Write Million-dollar Copy - Instantly... With The Help Of The Worlds Best Copywriters!
My Instant Swipe File is the swipe file of choice for many marketers who want instant access to famous headlines, advanced copy, copy that sells, creating offers, creating scarcity, proof, pricing, closes, guarantees, value building, bonuses, benefits, postscripts, openings, and bullets. It's your all in one stop for copy. How to write a sales letter template, Not copied word-for-word, but re-written. For example, one of the most famous headlines was written by John Caples in 1925... An Incredible "Swipe File" Can Truly Be Worth Millions! Value building. Then, whenever the copywriter needs an amazing headline, the perfect guarantee, or a killer close... they go to their “swipe file”, find a hot piece of copy that’s already been proven to work... and simply “model” it.

Worlds Best Copywriters Website


  • Decide what kind of children’s material you will create—and the many, many great opportunities available you haven’t even thought about!
  • Take advantage of SO MANY great opportunities in children’s writing and the basic formats you need for each.
  • Plot a children’s novel using a solid, three-act structure with subplots and layers
  • Develop your characters through unbreakable character triangles.
  • Use Picture Book Dummies to layout your picture book to perfection.
  • Use Idea Splats to find a “golden idea”
  • Understand contracts, negotiation, rights, royalties and agents.
  • Take part in the marketing of your own book.
  • Create Query Letters and Cover Letters that get results.

Best-selling Ebook On How To Write Any Type Of Recommendation Or Reference Letter With 89 Real-life Downloadable Templates.

Instant Recommendation Letter Kit - 4th Edition
Instant Recommendation Letter Kit

The No. 1 Recommendation Writing Resource In The World!
This Kit is a unique "must-have" writing resource if you need help writing ANY kind of recommendation or reference letter. How to Instant Recommendation Letter Kit.
That's right! No matter how you got to this page, it just so happens that the product that you have found -- Instant Recommendation Letter Kit with its 89 downloadable templates -- is the number one resource on Planet Earth on this particular subject.Instant Recommendation Letter Kit (Fourth Edition) is a unique information source that focuses on the writing of ALL types of recommendation letters and reference letters -- personal, business, character, employment, college admission, and more. In addition to a wealth of tips, tricks, pointers, and information, the Kit includes a separate file with 89 real-life letter templates (MS-Word) that owners can download and work with. It also contains a bonus chapter on how to write college admission essays, including downloadable essay samples, as well as a researched set of links to the top online sites offering recommendation writing services.

Instant Recommendation Letter Kit

How To Publish Your Own Best-selling Ebook In 21 Days Or Less Without Writing!

How to publish a bestselling eBook
create a simple eBook
  • The *guaranteed* method for picking topics that sell instantly!

  • The easiest way to make big money with eBooks, and exactly how to do it.

  • How to not waste months of your limited time writing an eBook that doesn’t sell.

  • The #1 type of eBook to write and sell…Immediately!

  • Simple but never-fail ways for getting other people to advertise and sell the book for you, without spending anything!

  • 1 simple question to ask yourself, which will tell you in a second if you’re eBook will be a best-seller.

  • A step-by-step blueprint for creating massively successful eBooks on 100% auto-pilot, over and over and over.

  • Why you don’t need to spend years becoming an “expert” to make expert money with eBooks. AND MUCH MORE....

How to Publish a Bestselling eBook



This common question is answered inside. The Biggest mistake people make when writing Eulogies that they learned from High School and that kills the effect. The Truth about Emotions and Eulogies and how to cope. The Six Part Formula to writing a Eulogy that will be remembered! How Poems and Quotes can take a good Eulogy and turn it into something MAGICAL – (I’ll give you some of my favorites) Four things that should be included in every single Eulogy to CONNECT with the Audience How long should my Eulogy be? The different sorts of Eulogies for different Occasions and how to write the correct style of Eulogy! 7 important things you should know before you even begin writing your Eulogy. AND MUCH MORE...

How to Write a Eulogy to Remember: The Ultimate Guide - Funeral Eulogy Sample Speeches and Examples of Eulogy Poems


Frustrated Authors Wanted! Finally finish your book, get an agent, get it published and start making BIG money Fast!


What to do (and more importantly) what not to do if you're feeling overwhelmed. Using a common household item to get more writing done in less time! How to get your sub-conscious engaged in the writing process 24/7 so when you sit down to write it just comes to you lickety-split! A 10-step "Startup Checklist" broken down into bite-sized action steps! How to identify and ruthlessly discard those thoughts and things in your life that keep you from writing. Traveled internationally as a speaker presenting keynotes, workshops and seminars. Ran our house and kept my hubby, Bruce, happy Volunteered my time for worthy causes. Ran my business, Emmett Enterprises, Inc. Stayed closely connected with our family and friends. Guidance to help you make major content, design and layout decisions to successfully create a book that you will be proud to show your family, friends, co-workers and those snooty high-school hot-shots!

EHelp Writing Your Book | Crush Procrastination | Author Assistance



This guide is for those who want an overview of 25 different ways to earn a living as a writer. There are many specialist resources that teach each of these techniques in depth. For example you could buy books on how to write a novel and copywriting. But if you haven’t yet decided which areas of writing you want to work in, and you don’t even know what some of the more lucrative techniques are, then how can you know which books to buy or which courses to take? You can hardly be expected to buy 25 different books – costing a total of $200 to $400 – simply to explore each possibility.

Writer Income - All About Getting Paid to Write


Productivity tips for writers and copywriters

5 Proven Rituals To Help You Write Faster And Smarter, And Make More Money. Whether You Are Writing Promotional Materials, Reports, Guides Or Even Your Own Web Sites.

How much of your "writing time"
is lost to writer's block and procrastination? How many hours do you lose simply
because you are not staying tightly
focused on your writing? And how much more would you earn if your writing productivity increased by 25%, 50% or even 100%?
If your work involves writing - even something as simple as article writing - you know how it feels when you become distracted, start procrastinating or in some other way lose focus on what you should be doing. You know that you need to keep writing and get the task completed, but for some reason your mind won't cooperate.

And for every minute you're not writing, you're losing money. These productivity challenges apply to people writing copy, article writing, writing e-books, web site content, blogs, white papers, business reports and other non-fiction mean to prescribe a set of strategies for defeating blogger's block.

5 Proven Rituals To Help You Write Faster And Smarter, And Make More Money

Clickbank Marketing Tools

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