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Instant Event Fundraising System technik-bauanleitungen ultimatepreparednesslibrary How to write a successful grant proposal Instant and proven eulogy speeches

Instant Event Fundraising System

Technik Bauanleitungen Patentschriften

Prepare Yourself For Any Catastrophe

How to Write a Successful Grant Proposal

Instant and Proven Eulogy Speeches

funeralplanningchecklist fundraisingalmanac Fireworks & Pyro Projects Navy Seal Training Course Internet Marketing Educational Video Course

The Funeral Planning Checklist

Fundraising Almanac

Fireworks & Pyro Projects

Navy Seal Training Course

Internet Marketing Educational Video Course


Instant Event Fundraising System How to get maximum exposure for your event on a shoestring budget. How to get tons of publicity for your next event … FREE! The two ways a “V.I.P.” ticket can be used to earn a mountain of extra money. The single biggest mistake people make with their events that causes them to fall far short of their fundraising potential How a “Celebrity Pledge Drive” component can be added to virtually ANY fundraising event.



- Töpferscheibe, Töpfern, Keramikerzeugnisse - Verkaufsstand, Verkaufswagen, Marktstand - Historische Wohnwagen und Motorhomes - ILO Motorenwerke - Klimaanlage - Lanz Traktoren - Photovoltaik Module, Anlagen - Solaranlage - Solarkollektor, Solarabsorber- Normag Traktoren, Ackerschlepper- Analog-Digital-Wandler - Audio Verstärker, Endstufe - Digital-Analog-Wandler - Elektrostatischer Lautsprecher - Grammophon - Hornlautsprecher. - Mikroskope, Mikroskopie - Patientenliege, Massageliege, Behandlungsliege - Siebdruck, Schablonen, Rakel. - Schaukel, Kinderschaukel, Gartenschaukel - Schneefräse - Schneeräumgerät - Tabakanbau & Verarbeitung. AND MORE....

 Patentschriften Zu Verschiedenen Themenbereichen Wie Autos Und Fahrzeuge, Audio Und Hifi, Haus Und Heimwerken, Garten Und Pflanzen, Tierhaltung, Hobby Und Freizeit, Spielzeug, Modellbau, Basteln, Möbel Und Einrichtungsgegenstände Und Vieles Meh.


Prepare Yourself For Any Catastrophe

Before the existence of modern day conveniences like electricity, water treatment, air conditioning, mass food production, and just-in-time transportation delivery systems people still lived long and healthy lives. For thousands of years humanity has thrived on knowledge that has been passed down from parent to child, teacher to student, and master to apprentice.

  • Food Storage, canning and preservation
  • Land Security and Personal Protection
  • Off-grid emergency medical care and treatment
  • Agriculture and Food Production Management.
  • Meat Dehydration, Smoking and Jerky
  • Orienteering and Navigation
  • Weapons Fabrication
  • Cooking off-grid
  • Homeopathy and natural medicines.
  • Soil Replenishment, Composting and Irrigation
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Tool Manufacture
  • Winemaking, Beer Brewing, Alcohol Distillation
  • Carpentry and Woodworking


Writing Grant Proposals That Win, Fourth Edition Offers Step-By-Step Instructions And Clear Examples Of How To Write Winning Grant Proposals. Imagine being spared hours of time and frustration and getting the funding that your non-profit deserves! The subject of this short course is proposal writing and gifts on a fairly steady basis and a few of which give large, periodic grants.

  • We can’t rely on foundation funding.
  • Writing a grant proposal is a tedious, time-consuming process.
  • Foundation grants are large and come from large foundations. They wouldn’t be interested in our modest non-profit.
  • XYZ Foundation only supports grants for education and human services. They wouldn’t even look at our arts program.
  • If you have one perfect grant proposal template, it will suffice for any foundation.
  • The “XYZ” Organization’s board member knows one of the trustees at the “Acme Foundation.” We don’t know anyone.


Instant and proven eulogy speeches, funeral speeches, and poems. Stop worrying and stressing out about what you are going to say. Get instant access to over 20 eulogy speeches, funeral speeches, and poems.

  • 20 Pre-Written and Time-Tested Speeches.
  • Over 10 Classic Poems To Use In Your Speech.
  • Famous Quotes-- great for  adding flavor to your speech.
    You'll Be Able To Cover Any Situation.
    Death of Husband Poems. Sad Poems about missing a Husband and lover after death. Poems about love. Reading example eulogies for a brother is the best place to start before beginning to write your eulogy. A professionally-written example eulogy for a sister.
  • 1-Minute Speech.
  • 2-Minute Speech.
  • 3-5 Minute Speeches.
  • How To Avoid Looking Bad.
  • How To Gain The Audience's Respect-- say the wrong thing and lose it.
  • How To Instantly Access Your Speeches Via The Internet. AND MUCH MORE..


The Funeral Planning Checklist

· You will be able to give your family a guideline and a budget to follow to help control the cost of your funeral. · Decisions will be made during a time of peace making it easier to discuss your wishes with your family and friends, avoiding unnecessary conflicts among family and friends later on. · You can be sure that your personal wishes and plans will be followed. · You will be able to organize personal records in a way that is easy for your survivors to locate.THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU PURCHASE AN INSURANCE POLICY OR A PRE-PAID FUNERAL PLAN. PLACE FOR ADDITIONAL NOTES AND/OR INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR LOVED ONES. LIST OF DOCUMENTS YOU NEED FOR COMPLETE ESTATE PLANNING ALONG WITH LINKS TO INFORMATION REGARDING THESE DOCUMENTS AND WHAT THE PURPOSE OF THESE DOCUMENTS ARE. COMPLETE AND UP TO DATE INFORMATION ON BENEFITS FOR THOSE WHO SERVED IN THE UNITED STATES MILITARY. AND MUCH MORE...

A Detailed Guide To Finding, Locating, Organizing And Completing Your Estate Planning And Funeral Planning Documents


fundraisingalmanac This is eBook includes over 350 pages of fundraising ideas, links to 88 "how-to" videos, 40 fundraisers for youths, a section on the top 18 planned giving venues, and cause-related marketing campaigns with a sample letter of inquiry. The book is designed to stimulate fundraising committees of all types, from non-profits, to schools, churches and political campaigns.

Celebrity and Sports Autographs Fundraisers. Retirement Plan Assets Illustration. Special Partnership Interest Illustration. Will or Revocable Trust Bequest Illustration. Celebrity Waiters & Waitresses Fundraiser. Charity Cheesecake (as in 'Naked') Calendar Charity Toll Booth Fundraiser. Charity Valet Parking Fundraiser. Example of a Political Casino Night with Silent Auctions Autographs on the Auction. Block Celebrity Waiter Event for Charity. How to have a successful garage sale. Kearney Community Olympics Performance. How Many Candies are in the Jar? Whew! How to Create and Print Online Greeting Cards. Akron Haunted Schoolhouse. Holiday Egg Hunt - Children's Miracle Network. AND MUCH MORE....

Fundraising Almanac

The Largest And Most Exciting Collection Of Practical Fireworks Projects Ever Assembled In One Book


Fireworks & Pyro Projects

Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook, is the largest and most exciting collection of practical fireworks projects ever assembled in one book.
Why does John Steinberg call Fireworks & Pyro Projects "the ultimate guide to the pyro hobbyist's universe?"
Because it is the largest collection of fireworks projects --more than 120-- ever written. Look at what you get in Fireworks & Pyro Projects. All 120+ projects were previously published in Skylighter's newsletters. Now they have been reformatted, updated and neatly organized into a single book. You can download all of these projects minutes from now.
Because they were written by living fireworks masters using materials available to anyone today.

Fireworks & Pyro Projects Ebook Download

This One Hour And Twenty Minute Video Gives You A Unique Look Into The Mindset Of US Navy Seals. Follow Retired Navy Seal Senior Chief Don Shipley As He Covers All Aspects Of His Civilian Navy Seal Training Course, Extreme Seal Experience

  This video was produced to show guys a more in-depth look into Extreme SEAL Experience. The Owners, the Instructors, the Staff and tireless dedication that goes into each course and each student.  It covers confidence and the SEAL mindset.
In this 1hr 20min video you meet Retired SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley, his wife Diane Shipley, and lead instructor Retired SEAL Chief Rick Fuciarelli. Extreme SEAL Experience runs two different courses, The SEAL Advanced Training and SEAL Sniper/Breecher Training. A fresh insight into what it takes to have a SEAL mindset, we'll cover the entire Extreme SEAL Experience course from Physical Training, Zodiacs, CQB, Live Fire, Rappelling, Helo Casting, Tactical Operations, Water Work, Diving, Monster Mashes, to Graduation!



Internet Marketing Educational Video Course
Internet Marketing Educational Video Course

Take Advantage of This LIMITED Opportunity to Grab a GIGANTIC Selection of 35 Videos to Enjoy for Yourself and Sell to others While This Confidential Page is Still Available to the General Public! Claim Instant Ownership to a Huge Collection of 35 Video Tutorials, The 'Internet Marketing Educational Video Course Extravaganza' Complete with Master Resale Rights!

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