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secret math code English Unit Plans ultimate study secrets Classroom Discipline 101 Book Unlock The Secrets Of Successful Classroom Teaching

Math Practice Worksheets

English Unit Plans

Ultimate Study Secrets

Classroom Discipline eBook

Unlock The Secrets Of Successful Classroom Teaching

Discover the Simple Teaching Strategies Easy French For Beginning Learners ASIT, A Revolutionary Creative-Thinking Method Online-Training-For-Teachers main-sdquad

Discover the Simple Teaching Strategies

Easy French For Beginning Learners

ASIT, A Revolutionary Creative-Thinking Method

Helping Teachers Grow

Mission Guides

Puzzle Worksheets that Teach Math!

Practicing Math

Math Practice Worksheets Don't Have to Be Boring! Download and Print the FUN Math Worksheet Collection that Kids Actually Enjoy! Unlike hard copy books, you can download the pdf version of The Math Riddle Book and Secret Code Math right now!  No waiting for the mail.  No going to the bookstore!  Because these are eBooks, all you have to do is download the files and print out the worksheets. The books are set up like a traditional book, with chapters and pages.  You can print copies of any worksheet, from any printer. Learning math is fun when you're solving puzzles and riddles! That's the secret behind The Math Riddle Book and Secret Code Math.

Secret Code Math Math Riddle Book

Math Practice Worksheets Website


Units Contain Everything A Teacher Needs To Teach An Entire Novel - Lessons, Activities, Worksheets, Quizzes, Tests, Etc. Each unit provides a month of preplanned lessons and activities, so 5 unit plans for just $17 is, honestly, ridiculously cheap. You can see why I am limiting the Unit Plan Club to just 200 teachers. These five popular units include 442 pages of lessons and activities, so you will save hours of prep work.


Special Unit Plan Club Email Invitation - English Unit Plans

Thousands Of Students Want This Guide

ultimate study secrets
  • Having a Clear and CONCENTRATED mind during an exam…
    So YOU NEVER Need to rush, and you will be able to answer every question on the paper.
  • Having a Total Understanding of each and every subject you sit an exam for.
  • To concentrate and understand absolutely everything you study!
  • Witness your self confidence rise UP and UP…How to do a study guide And the Fear of Failure disappear forever!
  • Having the Ability to focus and pick out the key points necessary a exam study guide.Being able to remember large volumes of information for any test, any time
  • Always achieving top of the class grades study skills guide…Because you have mastered how to REALLY manage your time once and for all!
    You will ALWAYS know you have done enough study.

Ultimate Study Secrets Website

A 20 year veteran of Los Angeles' toughest schools shows how
you can quickly and effectively get discipline in any classroom

Classroom Discipline 101 Book

The Redirector—you end up redirecting students several times until your whole lesson seems like a redirecting class. You must have an idea for classroom discipline plans for those instances where behavior problems in the classroom take over. The Lawyer—students lie to you, saying ‘I wasn't talking’ or whatever other misbehavior they are doing and you stand there foolishly arguing with them.
Finally, you can learn the classroom management plan you need from a
real teacher who has experienced thousands of difficult classroom scenarios, mastered classroom discipline and emerged as the teacher who knows how to eliminate behavior problems in any situation.
Lost in Space—students are running around the classroom, out of their seats and you have no idea where to start, shouting feebly ‘sit down!’
The Inner-City Special—students are entering and leaving your class at will, talking, shouting, listening to Mp3 players and throwing things while you stand there feeling powerless. Otherwise known as ‘Invisible Man’ (or woman)—it's as if you don't exist.
Old Yeller—you have to yell ‘quiet!’ several times a class, just to have the noise start simmering again when you start the lesson.

Download Classroom Discipline Ebook

Unlock The Secrets Of Successful Classroom Teaching
The Stress-Free Way to Impact Your Students For Life and Reignite Your Passion for Teaching Almost Overnight

Teaching Mathematics, Science and Technology
Unlock The Secrets Of Successful Classroom Teaching

The 7 questions that establish your base of strength in the face of challenges and setbacks. They keep you from the sand trap of depression (page 8)
How your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes can guide you to becoming a more effective teacher (p. 9)
The single best source of help when dealing with difficult behavior (p. 16)
How to measure (and prove) your success as a teacher throughout the entire school year (p. 14) North America's Leading Inspirational Teacher and Best-Selling Author, Marjan Glavac.
How you can easily get parents to open up about their kids and reveal golden nuggets of information that make your job easier (p. 16)
How to get your students to recognize and embrace their unique and different qualities in a fun and engaging way (p. 15)
 How to prevent your students from pushing your buttons and stressing you out (page 8)
And much more .

How to Make Difference Website


Discover the Simple Teaching Strategies
Discover the Simple Teaching Strategies

MOTIVATE students to learn (especially the ones who don’t want to be there). Keep students ON TASK in a fun and stimulating way. Use time EFFECTIVELY to maximize learning with this very SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE technique. The SIMPLE solution to INCREASE reading comprehension. Keep DISRUPTIVE students from ruining your lessons (and your career). Use the INTERACTION SEQUENCE and watch in AMAZEMENT as your students build their self-esteem. Use the MONITOR MAP to end student PROCRASTINATION Teach the BEST technique when showing MOVIES and DOCUMENTARIES to your students. Get ALL students involved with EVERY lesson END homework excuses with these 5 tips (I devote an ENTIRE chapter on homework). AND MUCH MORE...

A Teacher Resource for Learning the Strategies of Master Teachers


Favourite Fables in Easy French 4 Books - 5 stories in each series - numbered line text - play script version - comprehension and grammar activities - puppet cut-outs - comic cell template - teacher's answer pages - French/English glossary

Mythes grecsCollections of well-known Greek myths in easy French -numbered line text -play script - French activities -teacher answer pages - French/English glossary. Glooskap First Nations Myths -Advanced and Easy Versions. Roi Singe - The Adventures of Sun Wukong the Monkey King. Easy French versions of the Chinese Tales of the Monkey King retell the antics of the playful monkey while teaching serious life.
FIFi - French Ideas From Irene. Two Great Volumes of ready to print French review and practice activities.
Vol. 1- 29 activities plus teacher answer pages. Vol. 2- 30 activities plus teacher answer pages


ASIT, A Revolutionary Creative-Thinking Method, Will Lead You Step-by-Step from Deadlocks to Breakthroughs. Boost your creative thinking skills, advance your career and improve your financial standing.


Solve problems and invent new products in a way you never thought possible
Become a serial producer of bright ideas. Lesson plans and activities for teaching about inventions by increasing creativity and creative thinking.
Gain an unfair advantage over your competition
Be a part of a vibrant, intelligent, creative community that thinks like you
Teach others (including your kids!) how to become more creative
Win the admiration of your colleagues, superiors, and subordinates
Improve your quality of life by injecting creativity into everything you do
ASIT premier is a 70-minute multimedia course consisting of 15 chapters packed with ASIT theory and instructive case studies.
On completion of the course you'll be able to start using ASIT to creatively solve your own problems or to help others solve theirs.

ASIT, A Revolutionary Creative-Thinking Method

Video Course Teaching Inventive Thinking Visit Website


The hardest part of teaching is almost never taught to new teachers. If you're struggling with managing student behavior and motivating students to learn, you've finally found the help you need. A Leading Provider Of Online Training For Teachers, Including Classroom Management, Teaching Diverse Learners, And Incorporating Technology Into The Classroom

Classroom Management Book videos on classroom management Online-Training-For-Teachers

Take Back That Class - How I Learned to Love Teaching All Over Again. A book on teaching and classroom management by Darren Barkett. Helping Teachers Grow A leading provider of online training for teachers

The two videos on classroom management that started it all! These video presentations are simple yet powerful - especially for the teacher who knows he or she wants help! These videos are nearly 30 minutes long and have been presented over a thousand times, helping teachers across the globe manage and motivate students respectfully and effectively.

Take Back That Class - Online! This groundbreaking self-paced training in classroom management will help you grow into the teacher you know you can become. It includes... ..the instant download ebook.Classroom management plans, tips, and articles to help you grow as a teacher.


Literature Study Guides And California Mission Guides For Fourth Grade Projects. E-books Delivered Immediately. Materials for fourth graders doing a projects about California missions. Includes patterns for models and information for a report

San Diego Mission

If your kid needs help with their San Diego de Alcala mission project and you have no idea where to start, then this will be the most important message you read all week!
Avoid those long lists of expensive, hard to find materials and complex, hard to follow instructions that take weeks to finish. Grade A Projects offers you e-books for California fourth grade mission projects. You will get accurate history, modern and historic pictures, maps and easy-to-follow instructions for making your mission models from materials you may already have at home. Constructing models of California mission projects are both an exciting and daunting task for most fourth grade students.

San Francisco Mission

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