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Family History Research In Ireland

The Step-by-Step Genealogy Guide


Family History Products

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Family History Research In Ireland

The Step-By-Step Genealogy Guide

Genealogy Today

The Genealogist Researching Your Family Tree Guide to Irish Genealogy and Tracing your Irish Ancestry Resource Pack who do you think you really are  

The Genealogist

Researching Your Family Tree

Guide to Irish Genealogy

Genealogy Beginners Guide


Writing an autobiography for yourself or a family member is now made simple. Get a copy of the MemoryGrabber e-book and get started today.


1. Print out the pages, place them into a 3-ring binder of your choosing, then write in your answers and responses by hand. A very souped-up journal and/or autobiography template, if you will. 2. Simply download and use the memory-triggers, prompts and ideas for any other project such as writing your autobiography, scrapbooking ideas, journal writing, or for a biography project in school 3. Use Memorygrabber for ideas and topics to include in an oral history. 4. If you keep a journal, Memorygrabber will help you take your journal writing to another level with hundreds of new ideas for journaling topics. Here's top recommendation for journal software. A special add-on module of Memorygrabber has been added to journal software, making it easy to expound on your stories, add photos. Write Your Autobiography Or Help A Parent Or Grandparent Get Their Life Story Preserved For Posterity. Memory-stimulating Questions, Activities And Exercises To Mine Your Memories. Journal Writing, Family History, Scrapbooking Ideas. AND MUCH MORE..

Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook



Learn about Legacy Family Tree; The most comprehensive and easy-to-use genealogy/family history software you can buy. Take the Guided Tour. Try the free demo. Origins Report - See where you came from and the percentage of "blood" you have from your countries of origin with the new Origins Report. View their migration in street, aerial, or 3D modes. Hover over the balloon to see what happened in each location. Migration Mapping - Legacy animates the ancestor's movement through time. Watch how they migrated from place to place. Shared Events - Save time and avoid errors by sharing an event amongst all the individuals who participated in the event. You can specify each person's role in the event. Source Quality - Now record the quality (original vs derivative, primary vs secondary, etc., direct vs indirect) of each source as you attempt to prove your conclusions. And much, much more!

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Genealogist in Ireland to Research your Irish Ancestors Family History

Irish Family Research Projects    Learning about our ancestors’ lives is a deeply valuable experience but all too often family histories are lost through the generations. Thankfully, for those of us of Irish ancestry we have the written record to fall back on. We have State records going back to the British administration as well as Church records and other local sources. Used together, these records can build a vivid and personal picture of the lives lived.

Death Record. Census Record. A system of civil registration of non-Roman Catholic marriages began in Ireland in April 1845. The system was extended to include all marriages in 1864. We can search for your ancestor's marriage record in the General Register Office in Dublin.

  1. The date of the marriage
  2. The name and location of the Church, Chapel or Cathedral where the marriage took place together with the details of the officiating clergyman.
  3. The names of the fathers of the bride and groom, and the occupation of each gentleman
  4. The names of the witnesses to the marriage
  5. The names and ages of the bride and groom and an indication as to whether they had previously been married.
  6. The occupations of the bride and groom and their respective places of residence at the time of the marriage.

   And Much More...

Family History Research In Ireland Visit Website

How To Make A Family Tree - Clear Instructions

The Step-By-Step Genealogy Guide
The Step-by-Step Genealogy Guide

The Step-By-Step Genealogy Guide

With Family Tree Charts, Research Forms, And Instructions

Will Reveal The Secret Behind How To Make A Family Tree

Learn Exactly How To Research Your Family Tree!

Chapter 1: Getting Started
(Learn Exactly How to Get Things Started)

  • Short Introduction
  • Paperwork in Order
  • Family Interviews
  • Initial Databases
  • Government Sources
  • Leaning on Others
  • References/ Action items

Chapter 2: How to Complete a Family Tree Chart
(Learn The Mechanics and What All The Sections Mean)

  • Mastering the Six-Generation Family Tree Chart
  • Step-by-Step: Generations One Through Three
  • Step-by-Step: Generations Four Through Six
  • Seven Generations and Beyond

Chapter 3: Searching Cemeteries
(Where to Find Free Cemetery Search Websites)

  • How to Start
  • Cemeteries Online
  • Visiting a Cemetery
  • Cleaning a Headstone
  • References/ Action items

   Chapter 4: Searching Public Records
   (The Best Free Accurate Public Record Sources)

  • Legal Names & Birth Dates
  • Office of Vital Records
  • Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs
  • The U.S. Census
  • Local Courthouses
  • Other Public Record Sources
  • References/ Action items

Chapter 5: Genealogy Reunion
(How To Best Approach Your Living Relatives)

  • Reunion Committee
  • Committee Agenda
  • At the Reunion
  • Reunion Warning
  • References/ Action items

Chapter 6: The LDS Utah Center
(EVERYTHING You Need to Know The LDS)

  • The Website
  • Preparing for Your Visit
  • LDS Orientation
  • Doing Research
  • References/ Action items

The Step-By-Step Genealogy Guide Visit Website

Discover your Ancestors in this Unique Collection of Family History Records & Photos

Genealogy and family tree history, ancestry databases with 4.36 million names along with resources, lookups, records search and original articles.


Getting Started Whether you've been working on your family history for years or just getting started, Genealogy Today can help jump start your research. Genealogists Research Tools Designed for individuals who have been working on their ancestry and are tracing their family tree for numerous generations. Family Researchers Family History If you've been researching your family tree and find that you're interested in knowing about the details of recent generations, this section is for you. Professionals Advanced Topics Oriented towards professional researchers, librarians, educators and experienced genealogists.

American railways have been in operation since 1826, and researchers often want to know if their ancestors played a role in its development. Search information compiled from various sources. A searchable index of funeral cards (a.k.a. mourning or remembrance cards) that provide clues like death date, place and funeral home. A collection of original mug shots and wanted posters that provide interesting facts like occupation, age, place of birth, residence, and the crime they committed. Food rationing was instituted in 1942, and each family member was issued books by the Office of Price Administration (OPA). Search the largest online WW2 ration book index -- includes images.

Family Tree History, Ancestry, Free Lookups

The Leading British Genealogy Research Website

Dedicated to helping you find your roots. The Genealogist is all about family history research and discovering your ancestors using a wide variety of data from 1100 through to the present day.

Unique, Powerful Search Tools Awarded Best BMD and Census site Census transcripts & Images 1841 to 1911 Parish Records Non-Conformist & Non-Parochial records The widest coverage: 1127 to 2005 WW1, WW2, Casualty Lists, PoWs & more Extensive Collection of Directories Quality data, checked by experts Click here for a full list of Diamond Databases

British Genealogy
The Genealogist: Search Online Census, Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Record Indexes and Directories

Researching Your Family Tree

genealogy secrets

“FREE Expert Advice on How to Research & Create Your Own Family Tree... Faster & Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible! "

  • Exactly where to start - taking the first step to unlocking your history.
  • How to interview those long lost relatives - survive and thrive!
  • How to create pedigree charts as good as the professionals!
  • How to go high tech to create your family tree - even if you don't know the first thing about computers!
  • How to start keeping family records for future generations - just think how appreciative your children and their children and so on will be of your efforts!
  • Much, much more!

Genealogy Secrets Visit Website

Guide to Irish Genealogy and Tracing your Irish Ancestry Resource Pack

Guide to Irish Genealogy and Tracing your Irish Ancestry Resource Pack

Irish Genealogy Package for Tracing your Irish Roots and Irish Ancestry in Ireland

   At Irish Genealogy Ancestry we are Irish Authors based in Ireland. We have done many hours of work researching internet and archived resources to find our ancestors and have produced this package to save you time in researching your roots in Ireland. In our straight forward kit we provide tutorials which will:
   Show you how to use the internet to research your roots:
   The internet is fast becoming a useful and speedier resource to research your Irish ancestry. However there are so many scattered resources throughout the internet that you could spend hours looking for what you need. At Irish Genealogy we have done all that research so that you can start your search today!

Tutorials showing you how to use People Databases

Tutorials showing you how to use Surname Databases
people database surname database
Tutorials showing you how to use Parish/townland databases Tutorials showing you how to use Ship/passenger Databases
townland databases passenger databases

Irish Genealogy Ancestry Visit Website

Who Do You Think You Really Are: Genealogy Beginners Guide

genealogy of surnames

How To Make Maximum Progress In
Minimum Time . . .
"New Ebook Reveals How To Quickly and Easily
Uncover Hidden Secrets Of Your Family History... And
Become Consumed With An Addictive Lifetime Passion Along The Way!"

who do you think you really are

     How Heraldry played an important part in the popularity of genealogy in Europe. How would you feel if you discovered you were related to an influential European dynasty...
   How to use family reunions to get most of your detective work done for you. This is a fun way to get all the dark secrets out in the open. Just get all your relatives together and stand by to record all those newly awakened memories of days gone by...

    How genealogy became popular in the USA. The powerful founders of the US were very well connected. This lead to a surge of interest to see where their fame and fortune came from and why it is important to you...   14 Documents and mementos every family will have to aid your family history search. Start turning out the attic and all those dusty boxes, because when you know what you're looking for, you just might strike family history gold...
    And much, much more...

Genealogy Beginners Guide Visit Website

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