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child learning reading Aumenta la Inteligencia de tu Hijo Winning High School Transcript at Home 24  hour science projects PAC-Kit-studensts-planner

Teaching Children to Read

Aumenta la Inteligencia de tu Hijo

Create a Winning High School Transcript at Home

The Complete Science Project Guides

The PAC-kit will Help you Get your Child Organized

all-gifted-children Homeschool-High-School-Transcript-Diploma-Records Guide to Child Development Speech and Language robot reader sign language for babies and beyond

How To Develop Your Childs Genius

Everyday Education offers Transcripts Made Easy 

Guide to Child Development Speech and Language

Printable Reading Games and Activities

Teaching your Child Sign Language


child learning reading
child learning reading

How to teach your child to read with Children Learning Reading
Give Your Child the BEST Start in Life...
With a Learn to Read System so Powerful, It's Guaranteed to...
Discover a Super Simple, Effective Program...

child learning reading

   Easily Teach Your Child to Read WITHOUT the Ineffective, Over-Priced TV/DVD/Computer Programs, and Save Hundreds of Dollars!

  Dramatically Improve Your Child's Reading and
  Reading Comprehension Skills

  Quickly Help Your Child Become More Articulate and Develop an Advanced Vocabulary
  Stimulate Your Baby's Intellectual Development and Brain Growth, and Help Your Child Become Smarter!

  Become Exceptionally Skilled Teachers in Teaching Your Child to Read

  Spend ONLY 5 to 10 Minutes Each Day to Teach Your Child to Become a FAST and FLUENT Reader.

Children Learning Reading Visit Website



 Aprenderás cómo incrementar la inteligencia de tu hijo. Inteligencia en su sentido más amplio, incluyendo la social y la física. Una vida más feliz y exitosa Será más feliz porque lo que para unas personas son problemas y obstáculos para su felicidad en la vida, para otras (y ahí estará tu hijo) son oportunidades de mejora, retos interesantes, desafíos emocionantes. Adquirirás más confianza y capacitación Descubrirás que tienes mayor confianza y que estás más capacitada que antes de empezar a enseñar a tu hijo. Desarrollo del Lenguaje y del Vocabulario Potenciarás el desarrollo del lenguaje y de su vocabulario con la lectura temprana. Le darás una infancia más feliz porque a los niños a los que se les permite aprender cuando el aprendizaje les resulta más fácil no pasan mucho tiempo aburridos, ni frustrados, ni molestando a los demás para que les presten atención. Viven vidas más felices.

Aumenta la Inteligencia de tu Hijo | Ofrécele las Mejores Oportunidades Desde el Principio


Create a Winning High School Transcript at Home

A story of hope for homeschool parents determined to give their kids the first-class high school education they deserve…
How I Converted 4 Years of Independent Homeschooling into
Transcripts That Earned Both My Sons Full Tuition Scholarships Totaling $184,852 from Their First Choice University!
Now YOU can produce winning homeschool transcripts that will help your child’s college dreams come true…
And without EVER allowing yourself to be intimidated by pompous professional educators who insist they know better than you what’s right for your family!
Without spending a thin dime on so-called accreditation agencies …
Without having to follow inflexible programs that hamstring your homeschool and beat the joy of learning right out of your child …

Create a Winning High School Transcript at Home

Fast And Easy Science Project Guides That Can Be Finished In 24 Hours. Experiment Based Projects Are Parent And Teacher Tested And Approved

24  hour science projects
   Five fast and easy science projects that can be finished in 24 Hours!
   Science project due?
   Take a deep breath of relief.
   You've found your experiment!
   Stop wasting time Google-ing for an idea!
   Why start an experiment with hard to follow instructions that might not work?
   Avoid that long list of expensive, hard to find materials.
   Don't risk submitting a science project that won't help your child get the very best grade.
   You've discovered
   24 HOUR SCIENCE PROJECTS is an online package of FIVE complete science project guides.And your life just got a lot simpler!

   Five fast and easy science projects that can be finished in 24 Hours!
   Science project due?
   Take a deep breath of relief.
   Why start an experiment with hard to follow instructions that might not work?
   Avoid that long list of expensive, hard to find materials.
   Don't risk submitting a science project that won't help your child get the very best grade.
   You've found your experiment!
   Stop wasting time Google-ing for an idea!



The PAC-Kit! Planner Agenda Calendar A Planner Designed with Kids in Mind
Is your child disorganized?
Does he forget to write down his homework?
Are her assignments written down incorrectly?
Did he leave his math book at school - again?

•Dated pages with one day per page format, giving lots of room for kids to write BIG.
•A simple, uncluttered design without distracting images and information.
•Space for your child to write down homework and the books and supplies needed to complete it.
•Checklist blocks to ensure that each item is packed - and done.
•A place for notes to and from school.
•Color coded spaces for each subject.
•A system to remind you and your child of upcoming tests and projects.
•Special, goal-setting pages for the weekend.

The PAC-kit will Help you Get your Child Organized



When should I start teaching my child, so that he will learn fastest and develop his brain to achieve his maximum ability? How can I develop my child's creativity and problem solving skills, so that he will be able to invent new concepts and solve problems easily and effortlessly? How to train my child to be a leader? How to develop and improve my child's visual and auditory memory to the maximum? What should I teach my child, so that he'll be ahead of all other kids? How to teach my child to read, so that he will read as early as 2 or even before? How to help my child read faster, comprehend more, and remember easily and effortlessly, so that he'll be a brilliant student? How can I teach my child math so that he will love math and have fun learning it? AND MUCH MORE...

Develop Your Child's Genius - Gifted Children

Homeschooling through high school can be challenging. Everyday Education offers Transcripts Made Easy, Get a Jump Start on College, plus articles and other resources to help you succeed.


Do you want to homeschool through high school, the new third edition of my book, Transcripts Made Easy, will help you streamline high school paperwork and make it easy to create great-looking, effective home school transcripts and diplomas using simple software you already own or can download absolutely free.Get A Jump Start on College! A Practical Guide for Teens by Janice CampbellWant to help your teen get a jump start on life?

All levels of Excellence in Literature are now available!

Excellence in Literature- The Complete Curriculum: Literature and Writing for Grades 8-12Teaching high school literature can be a joy! Excellence in Literature is a classics-focused high school English curriculum that is designed in easy-to-study units. Would you like a spelling program students enjoy using?
Connie Schenkelberg's new Spelling Made Easy program uses an innovative, tried and proven method that focuses on homonyms and puzzles to make spelling practice easy and painless for middle-grade students.


Grammar Made Easy: Writing a Step Above by Connie SchenkelbergGrammar Made Easy: Writing a Step Above is a "once through and done" grammar program by teacher Connie Schenkelberg. If you're planning to take the SAT, you may want to listen to Conquer the Test!, a three-hour audio workshop with worktext to prepare. If you live in the mid-Atlantic area, you may want to attend a Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop™ which will help you prepare for timed essays such as those on the SAT, the ACT, and CLEP* exams.


Do you sometimes feel as if you’re missing something in the evaluation process?
     Evaluating writing is so much more than just “correcting papers.” It can affect your student’s feelings about writing, his or her chance of academic success, and even the relationship you share.
In this simple, approachable little book, you’ll learn the things you need to know in order to become the writing teacher and evaluator you want to be.

   AND...  Homeschooling Through High School! There's Joy in the Journey   -  Teaching Language Arts the Easy, Natural Way

Everyday Education
Visit Website

Guide to Child Development Speech and Language

Guide to Child Development Speech and Language

How to Help Your Child Learn to Talk Better in Everyday Activities informs parents and others who want to help a child begin talking or to talk better. With thorough, straight-forward explanations and lots of examples, the book gives immediate help.

  • Understand better what your child is experiencing.        
  • Use everyday activities to help your child talk and communicate better.        
  • Gain new skills to use every day.        
  • Reduce your anxiety about your child’s speech difficulties.
  • Find resources in your community.
  • Start seeing your child as a learner and watch for small (or big) changes daily!
    Help your child get ready for school and reading by helping   him or her build a language and speech foundation as soon as possible.        
    And learn much MORE

Child Development Speech and Language

Printable Reading Games and Activities

robot reader

If You Want To Improve Children's Reading Skills Quickly And Easily, Don't Do Anything Until You Read This!
As A Parent Or A Teacher You Want To Give Children The Core Skills Needed To Develop A Solid Foundation In Literacy That Will Last A Lifetime - And Now You Can Simply By Playing Reading Games and Phonics Games.

  • You’re tired of searching (and paying) for reading resources that don’t deliver — you want reading activities that are ready to go — ones you can print from your computer and use year after year. Reading games and Phonics games that make reading fun.

  • You want reading activities and reading games that are simple to use (and simple to prepare), bright, colorful and engaging.

  • You want to help students who are struggling build confidence and skills.

  • You want to challenge those who have mastered the basics to take it to the next level.

  • You love what you do and in your heart of hearts, you know you can be the teacher that really makes a difference — the one students remember; the one that parents appreciate.

  • You want to stimulate interest in reading. 

  • You want to develop the core literacy skills that will be vital to every child's future. AND MORE...

Printable Reading Games and Activities Visit Website


sign language for babies
sign language for babies and beyond
  • Earlier communication with your child.
  • Some children learn to sign as early as 7 or 8 months – much earlier than a typical baby learns to talk!
  • Babies who can communicate through sign are often much happier babies and toddlers which translates into a happier YOU!
    Children who have learned sign have been shown to have more advanced language skills than children who have not learned sign.
  • Babies who can sign have shown less frustration and have fewer tantrums overall, since they can usually communicate their needs better.
  • Studies have shown that babies who learned sign as infants had a higher IQ overall than babies who didn’t learn sign.

Sign Language for Babies and Beyond Visit Website

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