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American Accent Short Course Rocket Inglés Premium englishfluencynow English Writing Course Everyday-Survival-Kit-for-English-Learners-English Survival Kit - Conversations for English Learners

American Accent Short Course

Rocket Inglés Premium

English Fluency Now

English Writing Course

Learn to Speak English Fluently

flow-english-lessons-2 Everyday English English Writing Tips eCourse English Harmony System

Flow English Lessons

Everyday English With Joyce Martens

Make Money Teaching English Online

English Harmony System

Escucha y Habla Inglés


Start Speaking CLEARER, MORE CONFIDENT English! Discover How You Can Speak English Like an American... STEP BY STEP with the American Accent Course
American Accent Course



Hispanohablantes... Aprende Inglés en línea con Rocket Inglés

Aprende a hablar y entender inglés como si fuera tu primera lengua, reduciendo tu tiempo de aprendizaje a la MITAD. Rocket Inglés para los hispanohablantes, es un curso de inglés que…
Logra que tú hables y entiendas inglés como un nativo RÁPIDO.

  • Pon la diversión en aprender inglés.
  • Reduce el tiempo de aprendizaje a menos del 50%

Cómo conseguiremos que tú hables en inglés con un acento perfecto...ROCKET INGLES

Usando un proceso científico llamado 'fragmentación', Rocket Inglés separa las conversaciones típicas del día a día en inglés, en pequeños fragmentos, entonces es más fácil para tu mente asimilarlos y recordarlos. Con el método de fragmentación también podrás trabajar en tu conversación en inglés en la intimidad de tu hogar y así superar tu miedo a decir algo equivocado. Y, como tú podrás descargar todas las lecciones de audio, tú puedes utilizar Rocket Inglés;

  • en tu casa
  • en el gimnasio
  • mientras estás viajando en el extranjero
  • en tu auto o en el metro mientras viajas diariamente
  • ¡donde sea que tu computador, teléfono inteligente o MP3 funcione!
    Es bien sabido que la mejor manera de aprender algo es haciéndolo. La columna vertebral de Rocket Inglés Premium son las 30 lecciones de audio reproducibles. Estas lecciones te pedirán que hables inglés en voz alta junto con la grabación, y que respondas a los divertidos anfitriones.



1. The #1 thing that you need to be doing every day to become fluent in English.

2. How to remember what you hear, and read better than ever.

3. How to work with your mindset to ensure success.

4. A technique for improving your vocabulary, so you can speak more confidently about many topics.

5. How to prioritize your study habits to meet your personal goals.

6. How to use your eyes and ears to learn more quickly.

7. How important it is to take risks, and why you don’t have to worry about mistakes.

English As A Second Language Students Need To Learn How To Speak With Confidence And Ease, Without Thinking And Without Translating In Their Heads. This Program Trains Them To Do That With Enough Audio And Text Material For 5 Months Of Intensive Study.


English writing course English Writing Examples

  More powerful than any English writing course...
Better than any online writing lessons...
  Parents are downloading it like crazy... Every teacher wants a copy... Students try to get their hands on it... Language experts are kicking themselves... Why haven't we thought of this earlier?

English Writing Course | Online English Writing Lessons

Each unit is divided into three sections as below:

  Show Me 1 contains the original essays written by students.
   Action Plan:

   Try to spot the mistakes How would you have expressed the same ideas? Sure, enjoy a few laughs. English Conversation Lessons.

  Show Me 2 contains the complete and corrected version of the same essay by the teacher.
  Action Plan:
  Underline new words and look them up in the dictionary.

  Show Me 3 shows exactly what has been corrected, together with teachers explanation, comments and suggestions.
  Action Plan:
  Try to write your own version of the same essay... Or
  Rewrite the same essay, but without the mistakes.

English Writing Course | Online English Writing Lessons

English Writing Course | Online English Writing Lessons


Everyday-Survival-Kit-for-English-Learners-English Survival Kit - Conversations for English Learners

   "Take your communcation skill to another level. Don't let English speaking block your potential. Do you want to speak English using a simple method?"

    Is English your second language?
    If you said “Yes!”, do you want to learn how to talk fluently? Then I have something that will help you to improve your speaking ability.  
  • Are you new to English speaking country?
  • Are you struggling to speak in English?
  • Are you having difficulty talking to someone in public places?
  • Are you embarrassed when you can’t say something in English?
  • Are you having difficulty expressing your ideas?

    According to linguists, people learn foreign languages by remembering phrases than words or sentences. Based on this fact, I have created this book to help you speak English in a short period of time. Most of the people are familiar with many words, but they don’t know how to talk. Their ability to form sentences is limited due to the inadequate number of phrases. Online English Speaking Course.
   Everyday Survival Kit for English Learners includes more than 100 situational conversations with many common phrases.


flow english lessons
flow english lessons

Flow English is the fastest and easiest way to master the English Language automatically. With Flow English you learn the same English that native speakers use every day.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn English the same way you learned the language you speak now?
Memorizing vocabulary lists and studying grammar rules will not make you speak English like a native. The true secret to learning English is to do what children do.

  • You will quickly and easily learn how to pronounce English words correctly.
  • You will learn the English vocabulary including all those words that sound the same but have different meanings depending upon how they are used.
  • You will learn the rules of English grammar automatically – without memorizing rules.
  • You will develop the confidence to speak English in business and social surroundings without hesitation and without being embarrassed.

Learn To Speak English Naturally With These Proven Everyday English Lessons With Master English Teacher Joyce Martens

learn english quickly
Understand everyday conversations Improve your spoken English Think in English Learn a new technique that will help you learn English faster Learn by listening to a level of English that you understand Learn the 5 secrets to learning English that will save you years Sound more like a native English speaker in your conversations Learn common idioms that you won't find in a text book Naturally learn English without memorizing Avoid the biggest mistakes people make learning English AND MORE...



Bettina, an English learner like you, discovered this website and my English writing tips and loves them.  
She works hard to improve her English. She is also the proud owner of my new eCourse, “5 Simple Steps to Better Writing”.

  • Well, we do not focus on grammar.
    I do include a section of it in the course, but grammar is not everything.
    Who wants to write about a blue book or a glass of water? That is why I made each interactive “your turn” exercise a real situation. Where did you go on vacation? How was your doctor’s appointment?
  • Audio!
    It is easy to see that Bettina loved the audio. Listening is the key to improving almost every aspect of English so why not use it to improve your writing.
  • 5 Simple Steps in under 30 pages.
    Who needs another course with hundreds of pages? You don’t have time to read all of that information, so I made sure that this course was easy, effective and focused.


    English Harmony System


    Hammering English grammar into your brain; learning hundreds of new English words; reading English fiction, newspapers and magazines; writing in English hoping it will cement the language into your mind; using expensive English learning software.

    Inglés Para Latinos, English For Hispanos, Pronunciar Inglés, ESL



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