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ROCKET ARABIC PREMIUM-How Rocket Arabic Premium Makes It Easy to Learn Arabic Breaking the Arabic Code Learn Moroccan Arabic Language japprendsalirelarabe

Rocket Arabic Premium

Breaking the Arabic Code

Learn Moroccan Arabic Language

J'apprends À Lire L'arabe Avec Talamize



Apprendre À Lire Et Écrire L'arabe Cours D'arabe En Video

Learn Moroccan Arabic

Learn Arabic Schools

Apprendre À Lire Et Écrire L'arabe

Cours D'arabe En Video


ROCKET ARABIC PREMIUM-How Rocket Arabic Premium Makes It Easy to Learn Arabic

  How Rocket Arabic Premium Makes It Easy to Learn Arabic…
Make learning Arabic as easy as possible with my comprehensive learn Arabic course, Rocket Arabic Premium. Take a look at some of the reasons why thousands of Arabic enthusiasts like you recommend Rocket Arabic Premium…
   Not only can you learn Arabic anywhere, anytime with a portable, flexible course that suits different learning styles, you will also:
   * Speak and improve your Arabic with every lesson, by taking part in the modern, everyday conversations that make up the popular Rocket Arabic Premium 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course,
   * Speak Arabic naturally by understanding the culture and how the language works, with 31 Language & Culture Lessons that include over 900 embedded audio clips, activities and more,
   * Build your Arabic vocabulary and improve your audio recognition of common Arabic words and phrases (and have fun at the same time!) with the MegaArabic software games,

Rocket Arabic Premium Interactive Audio Courses and Books

Learn to Speak Arabic Confidently with 31 Interactive Audio Lessons. Learn to Speak Arabic Naturally with 31 Language and Culture Lessons. Learn Tons of Arabic Words with my fun MegaArabic Software Games. MegaVocab: Build Your Arabic Vocabulary. See How Much Your Arabic Has Improved!

10 Codebooks Reveal The Mysteries To Learning The Arab Language

BREAKING THE ARABIC CODE 10 Codebooks Reveal The Mysteries To Learning The Arab Language

BREAKING THE ARABIC CODE 10 Codebooks Reveal The Mysteries To Learning The Arab Language

And Receive Rapturous Applause From Amazed Native Arabic Speakers"  "Rapidly Learn Correct Arabic..."
   This course is a fascinating and rich set of Arabic language course materials. Here's a taste of what you will receive:
   * An overwhelming amount of content. Over 1000 study examples of grammar, phrases and vocabulary
   * A well structured and organised course. 10 instantly downloadable PDF ‘Breaking The Arabic Code’ language course books.
   * The secrets to accurate pronunciation. Every word in every codebook is transliterated so you can make accurate pronunciations.
   * Clear Arabic typesetting. Every word and expression is also written in Arabic so you can successfully learn how to read and write.

Letters and Numbers * All the Arabic characters with explanation on pronunciation and examples of how they are written. Forming Sentences * Over 50 detailed examples showing you how to form sentences Verbs * Over 200 examples of negative verbs, interrogative verbs, negative interrogative verbs, infinitive verbs and adverbs Time, Ages and Weather * Complete instruction on writing about the days, months and seasons Business, Studying & Government The critical vocabulary and dialogue you need to get by when living, travelling, working and studying in an Arabic speaking country. This mandatory course covers: * over 50 translations for all the key professions and skills and trades.


Learn Moroccan Arabic Language

   Learn Moroccan Arabic using audio lessons and text
 Learn Moroccan Arabic (called darija) with audio

  • Learn thousands of Moroccan Arabic words
  • Learn from a native speaker
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of Moroccan words
  • Learn how to ask questions and to express yourself in Moroccan
  • Suitable for beginner level to intermediate level
# About the Audio:

J'apprends À Lire L'arabe Avec Talamize



Learn Moroccan Arabic (Darija) using essay style videos These videos give the Moroccan Arabic word / phrase / expression and the English translation but in essay format Each video is written in essay style so it is less dry than other type of videos that just give the word in English then the translation Cultural explanations and insights into the Moroccan Arabic (Darija) language are also given.



  Size of school:
Large school:
advantages: better equipped libraries and usually multimedia language-labs; greater variety of course levels, (so that the lessons take place in homogeneous groups) ; large number of different types of courses for special groups; possibility of contact with more students; often better structured timetables.
small school:
advantages: comfortable personal atmosphere, usually fewer students per group (especially during low season) greater possibility of the school taking personal wishes into account; contact with other students is less superficial.

Arabic Language schools worldwide - Reviews and price comparison of language courses

Apprendre À Lire Et Écrire L'arabe

Apprenez étape par étape à votre rythme et en fonction de votre emploi du temps Suivez vos cours à n'importe quelle heure et n'importe quel jour, à la maison, au travail, dans les transports et même en vacances pour les plus courageux.

Apprendre À Lire Et Écrire L'arabe

Apprendre À Lire Et À Écrire L'arabe. Une Méthode En 3 Étapes, Spécialement Faite Pour Les Non Arabophones.

Cours D'arabe En Video

Apprenez la langue Arabe à Votre Rythme, en suivant un Programme Validé depuis Plusieurs Années pour avoir formé des Milliers de non-arabophones.


Cours D'arabe Littéraire En Video Accessible 24h/24


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