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No Money Nothing Down Creative Real Estate Investing How To Get A Mortgage The Home Seller's Blues Ebook HOW TO SURVIVE FORECLOSURE fulltimewahm

Buy With No Credit

How To Get A Mortgage

The Home Seller's Blues Ebook

Stop Foreclosure

Fulltime Work at Home Moms

Free Money to Buy a Home Can I buy a home with bad credit? SHORT SALE HARDSHIP LETTER  

Free Money to Buy a Home

Can I Buy a Home With Bad Credit?

Short Sale Hardship Letter


No Money Nothing Down Creative Real Estate Investing

Create continual and dependable upfront cash flow NOW!
(Our bills are due every month -- not 5 years from now)
Eliminates "Bank Qualifying"
Allows you to secure Good homes in Good areas...
(No homes in "war zones" or homes that need major repairs!)
Allows you to do more deals! More deals means more profits

  • How to recognize ads from sellers that are time-wasters for you… but uncover the gems you should contact immediately!
  • Where and when to run your own ad to get all the red-hot leads of motivated sellers you can handle… you’ll get the exact wording of ads we’ve used and proven to get your phone ringing off the hook.
  • The single killer idea an investor friend used to get 10 properties in just over 90 days… and all the homeowners came beating a path to his door… and how you can do the same!
  • How to use your business card to attract sellers like a magnet…
  • The jealously guarded questions we ask when making first contact with a homeowner… armed with this you’ll get the seller to tell you everything you need to know as if you’d injected them with a truth serum.
  • How to recognize an unmotivated seller quickly… and then how to terminate the call abruptly without being rude.
  • The one pillar of the deal you must not cover at this step or you’ll lose countless dollars.
No Money Nothing Down Creative Real Estate Investing

No Money Nothing Down Creative Real Estate Investing


How To Get A Mortgage

For everyone buying a home, thinking about refinancing,
or just needing to know where to start ...
This E-Book can save you headaches and THOUSANDS!! Learn how to make the right decision on one of the largest investments you will make for the next 30 years!
Quickly feel like an expert, and be so much better prepared knowing all the tips by simply downloading my

    • How to better understand the MAZE of mortgages;
    • How qualifying for a mortgage is different today;
    • What the best mortgage is for you;
    • The right steps to getting a mortgage starting with the credit report, all the way through to settlement;
    • What documentation to gather together before you apply;
    • All about credit explanation letters and what they should say;
    • Important mortgage terms - definitions you can understand!

Learn All the Secrets About Mortgages


The Home Seller's Blues Ebook

How to get buyers and real estate agents to put your home on the top of their viewing list -- instead of other competing homes for sale in your area.  7 Innovative ways to get home buyers who will specifically want to buy your house to your front door, plus where to find them, how to reach them, and what to say to them. How to spread the word about your home for free, using today's newest marketing methods. How to make your kitchen, baths, laundry room, and even your garage irresistible to buyers --without any expensive, time-consuming improvements.  Exactly what you need to do inside and outside your home to get the highest price. When to lower your price and why -- and when NOT to. The biggest mistake home sellers make when pricing their homes, or lowering their price. What you can do to make it easy for house hunters to see themselves buying and moving into your home. AND MORE...

How To Sell Your Home Faster and Easier

Stop Foreclosure - Help to Avoid Foreclosure, Loan Modification Help

Stop Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure!
Or You Could Lose Much More Than Your House
Here are strategies that work from top experts - what to do and NOT to do
to avoid foreclosure, get out of debt, and cut your losses though loan modification, short sale, bankruptcy, debt settlement, and more.

  • What foreclosure (loss) mitigation is and how it can turn your situation around. Find out if you qualify for these solutions and if not, what to do next. (see chapter 9)
  • What your best options are to try first, second, third, and so on. You'll be able to check off which ones might work for you and which ones won't until you find the solution that ends your foreclosure problems - saving you time and money (see chapters 11 and 12)
  • How to prepare for loan modification, fill out your financial worksheet and write your hardship letter so you don't talk yourself out of your own modification! How to increase your chances so you not only qualify for loan modification, but get in on record low rates.
    (see chapter 10)
  • Use one of several actual hardship letters (or parts from all of them) to write your own hardship letter in seconds. Simply cut and paste the text into a new Word doc and edit in your unique situation and numbers. These are actual letters (minus the personal information) that helped real people get approved for modifications that would blow your mind.
  • And so much more!

HomeOwners Association Problems solved in Five Easy Steps


The good news is there is a way for you to build a successful business and still take care of your family

  Have you heard the saying success breeds success?  That's how it works in any business.  Hang around and learn from people that are currently where you want to be and you'll soon be there too.  The trick is to learn from people that are in your same situation -- trying to follow the strategies of a high flying millionaire bachelor while you're trying to type with one hand while you nurse the baby in the other isn't quite the same situation. 

  That doesn't mean you can't be a work at home mom and have a serious business.  Quite the opposite, there are many work at home moms building and enjoying highly successful businesses.  The difference is, they've discovered how to run a profitable business while taking care of the needs of their families... they have their cake and eat it too.  These are moms just like you, and if they can do it there's no good reason why you can't do the same.

Work at Home Mom Success Blueprint


Free Money to Buy a Home

FACT:  Over 4,000 People Get Down Payment Assistance Gift Funds EVERY MONTH!  Why Not You?
"Discover How a 29 Year Old 'Average Joe' Got $25,000 in 'Free Money' to Buy His Dream Home With No Credit, No Money Down, No Closing Costs, And Less Than $500 Out of Pocket!  Read on and Learn How You Can Also..."

   Buy your first home with less than $500 out of pocket. Don’t spend all of your savings. Cash is king – avoid foreclosure by keeping your money in the bank for emergencies such as temporary job loss.
   Get up to $50,000 in free grant money for your down payment and closing costs. There are thousands of assistance programs for homebuyers. I’ve done months of research so you don’t have to.
   Get up to $25,000 in grant money to rehab or remodel your home. You don’t have to take out a second mortgage, I’ll show you where to get a grant to pay for your project.
Get the best mortgage deal in the country. Did you know a 1% interest rate reduction will save you $64,156 on a $300,000 conventional 30 year mortgage? Special discount rates are available no matter what your credit score.

Get Free Money to Buy a New House

Everything you need to know to beat the brokers!

Mortgage Secret Codes Revealed
Can I buy a home with bad credit?

Can I buy a home with bad credit?
If you want to buy a house, NOW is the time!
If you are planning to buy a house without knowing the rules
I have not spent the last ten years in the banking industry attempting to dig up
the “dirty little secrets” of mortgage lending nor am I a disgruntled mortgage
broker attempting to make a few quick bucks.
I am just like you!
Not long ago, I was looking for the perfect home. I encountered numerous roadblocks and problems that left me very frustrated and confused!
I decided that I was going to become informed so I would never again have to go through the horrible experience of getting a mortgage.

A step-by-step guide on how to take control of the Mortgage process!

A glossary of terms that you absolutely need to know to understand mortgages!

Common Myths about the mortgage process DEBUNKED!

BONUSES that will make getting your mortgage as painless as possible!

"Mortgage Secret Codes Revealed" may save you thousands of dollars and many hours of wasted time!

Mortgage Secret Codes Revealed



How To Write a Short Sale
Hardship Letter in 30 Minutes or LESS!
When You Follow the Instructions Inside This Course.
“I Won’t Lie To You…”
This is what the "Short Sale Hardship Letter eBook Course" can do for you!
Learn basic writing skills and psychology on how people process written information.

So, here’s the straight scoop…

As a real estate investor, I have seen some of the most well-written hardship letters be denied by lenders. I have also seen some of the worst written letters accepted.
This phenomenon left me wondering what lenders were actually looking for in a short sale hardship letter. I began tracking what worked and what didn't. And what I discovered was astounding!

Here's the clear-cut TRUTH: These techniques have been around for years. They have been used by some of the world's best marketers to sell you millions of dollars of stuff you would have never purchased if you hadn't received their sales letter in the mail. They contain psychological messages which motivate you to open your wallet and hand over your hard-earned cash. These messages are referred to as "call-to-action" triggers.

That action was to buy and boy did you.
These call-to-action letters are intended to make you BUY and nine-and-a-half times out of ten they work.

If you know what I’m talking about, you will clearly be able to understand what I am going to show you in this course.

Hardship Letter EBook Course Program

Clickbank Marketing Tools

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