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BETTA LOVERS GUIDE Betta Care Made Easy copertinacane The Complete Dog Potty Training in 7 Day Guide your-bichon-frise

Caring For Betta Fish

Betta Care Made Easy

Addestramento del cane di Nicola Ruggero

The Complete Dog Potty Training in 7 Day Guide

Your Bichon Frise

CAT TREE CONSTRUCTION PLANS easybuilddoghouseplans STOP CAT PEEING,How to Stop Your Cat Peeing Outside The Littler Box Dog Lover's Compendium Petsumer Report Pet Food Ratings and Reviews

Build a Superior Cat Tree

Easy Build Dog House Plans

How to Stop Your Cat Peeing Outside The Littler Box

Going Rawr - Dog Lover's Compendium

Petsumer Report Pet Food Ratings and Reviews



"You Saved Your Betta's Life From the Pet Store's Tiny Cup. Now Learn How to Make Your Betta Into the Most Comfortable, Safe, and Cared-For Fish in the World."

Who Else Wants a Beautiful, Healthy Betta Fish... Swimming Happily in a Stunning Tank... Without Having to Spend a Bundle or Constantly Worry About Your Betta's Health?

  • The ideal water temperature, thoroughly tested by 27 expert breeders, to keep a betta's tank. Water temperature is extremely important. It can make your fish lively (not sluggish) and even keep destructive bacteria to a minimum so that your Betta is happy and healthy. I also reveal how you can keep the water temperature at that ideal level. (Page 24.)
  • When you put a betta into a brand new tank, there can often be high levels of ammonia build-up, which makes your fish sick. You'll learn how to avoid that, using my very private "seeding" method. (Page 25)
  • Good news: despite what you might have heard, bettas don't necessarily have to live by themselves, as long as you follow these 9 rules. (Page 22)
  • You an even have two males in the same tank together (and they won't fight with each other!) under these special conditions. (Page 21)
  • Learn what the best food is to give your betta and why. You'll also learn what treats should only be given in moderation. You won't need to worry anymore about whether you're feeding your betta nourishing foods, since you'll know what exactly to do. (Chapter 6)
  • AND MORE...

  • Learn How to Give Your Betta a Great Life Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers


    Betta Care Made Easy

    "Who Else Wants to Quickly and Easily Have The Perfect Betta Tank That Will Keep Your Betta Healthy, Happy, and Thriving For Years to Come?"

    Betta fish get sick easily. In fact, most bettas in captivity live just a few months! But most diseases are 100% curable if you know what they have, and which medication to give them.
       Bettas CAN live up for up 5 years...but poor tank conditions make them sick way before that (find out the proper tank conditions below).
       Bettas thrive when their water conditions are "just right"...unfortunately there is a ton of *wrong* information out there on how to do this

       A complete guide to water conditions and how to easily maintain proper water quality
      The 5 things you must do before adding your Betta to his new tank.
      When and when not to use a filter. There is a ton of inaccurate info out there on filters. I'll tell you the truth about filtration so you never have to wonder again!
      How to care for Bettas both separately and in community tanks with other fish
      The importance of substrate and why this is a crucial component of your Betta tank. I'll tell you what type of substrate to buy and how much to use.
      How to choose a healthy Betta from the store -- there are little known things to look for that the pet store owner's don't want you to know!
    AND MORE...

    Guide to Betta Fish and Beta Fish Care



    Un Rapporto Perfetto Con il Tuo Cane è Possibile. Immagina per un secondo… Il tuo cane ti segue, ti aspetta seduto fuori mentre prendi un caffè, appena lo chiami per nome hai la sua massima attenzione, puoi lasciarlo libero al parco senza problemi, basta un no per capirsi completamente, è lui a controllare sempre dove sei e non il contrario… si crea un feeling e un amore che durera’ per sempre... e questo non e’ un sogno. E’ quello che succede a me, e a tutti i padroni che leggono libri veri e si informano su come addestrare il proprio cane. Addestramento del cane di Nicola Ruggero è un eBook in formato .pdf di 240 pagine, è una utilissima guida, un manuale completo e facile per l’addestramento dei cani. Essendo in formato .pdf , può essere letto e scaricato su qualsiasi computer e sistema operativo. Non è stata fatta una versione cartacea per non disboscare ulteriori alberi, amo la natura, nel 2013, oggi tutti abbiamo un computer o un telefonino su cui leggerlo, nel caso lo si desideri si può stampare una sola copia per uso personale.


    The Complete Dog Potty Training in 7 Day Guide
    The Complete Dog Potty Training in 7 Day Guide

       Discover the Potty Training Secrets that "Will Have Your Dog Potty Trained Within Just 7 Days!"
    Immediately end the frustration and stress of dealing with "accidents!
    We Guarantee it!

      Here's just some of what you will discover in the Complete 7 Day Potty Training Guide.

    • Discover different methods of housebreaking a dog (the ones that work and the ones that don't)!
    • Understand when is the best time to start training your dog?
    • Find out what is the best equipment and supplies you will need to best potty train your dog in just 7 days.
    • How to effectively clean soiled areas and get rid of those smells.
    • How to handle training an older dog (yes you can potty train your older dog!).
    • Uncover common potty training problems and how to handle them.
    • Tips for quickly and easily potty training a new puppy.
    • How to make the most of using potty pads.
    • Discover training tips for dogs in apartments and even in extreme situations like snow.
    • AND MORE...


    The Amazing Bichon Frise Dog - Everything You Must Know - Bichon Frise Dog Ebook

    EVERYTHING ABOUT THE BICHON FRISE All About the Bichon Frise Dog Breed & The Important Things You Need to Know!


    • Discover exactly how to care for your Bichon when you first get home. (Remember the first 4 months are the most important in the life of your dog)
    • Know how to groom your Bichon from day one. Many owners use the wrong products which harm their Bichon. (Once learned properly grooming becomes much easier)
    • Learn the importance of socialization of your new puppy. So many owners get in wrong in the first few months and then suffer for years. (vital detailed information provided)
    • Understand Reverse sneezing This often misunderstood minor condition is clearly explained with simple solutions.
    • To give your Bichon the best you can and to get the best from your Bichon, you need to train him/her while they're at a very young age.
    • AND MORE...



    Build a Superior Cat Tree!
    Easy to Follow Step-By-Step Plans
    Complete, Detailed, Professional
    Direct From Manufactuer
    If you are interested in building your own cat tree, take advantage of our book to construct a superior cat tree. Our professional plans explain every step of construction for 11 of our most popular models. Easy to read, with pictures detailing each step, our book ideal for all Do-It-Yourself types.
    Our Book will pay for itself in time and material savings!
    Updated Edition  -  Build 11 Cat Tree Models!
    1.  Step-By-Step Plans for Each Model   
    2. 102 Pages, 280 Pictures and Diagrams     
    3.  3 Free Bonus Plans

    Build a Superior Cat Tree

    Save Money and Time!
    Easy To Follow Construction Plans

    · Purchase the Correct Materials
    · Avoid Costly Mistakes
    · Time Saving Step-by-Step Details
    · Sturdy, Safe Cat Tree Designs
    · Build A Professional Cat Tree
    Create Your Own Designs
    Use Our Proven Building Techniques

       The Most Complete Cat Tree Plans Available!
       BestCatTree Construction Plans Include
       102 Pages - 280 Pictures and Diagrams
       Complete Materials Lists
       Tips on Purchasing Materials
       Tools Needed - Build with Basic Tools
       How to Make Wood Posts or PVC Pipe Posts
       Part Layout and Cut Diagrams
       Carpet Types and Where to Shop for Carpet
       Detailed Step by Step Carpeting Instructions
       Assembly Options

    Designed for Your Happy and Healthy Cat



    “Discover How To Easily Build A Fully Insulated, Customized Dog House That Looks Great Protects Your Dog From The Weather And Saves Money”

         Introducing My Easy Build Dog House Plans
      No fancy tools required – We have especially design our plans so that anyone with basic tools like a handsaw, hammer, drill etc can build our dog houses.
          Easy To Build Plans – With easy to follow cross-sectional diagrams that include exact dimensions and required materials.

      Save money by building your own dog house – Based on our analysis you normally save over 70% by building your own dog house. That can be hundreds of dollars saved.
    Print off as many plans as required – our downloadable ebook format allows you to print off as many copies as you want. No need to worry about getting the plans dirty or having to share plans with helpers.

    Here are just a few of the many things you’ll find in your copy:

    • How to build a Medium dog house for small and medium size dogs like Dachshunds and Bull Terriers.
    • How to build a Large dog house for a large sized dog like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.
    Easy Build Dog House Plans
    • How to build a Medium size duplex house for multiple small or medium size dogs.
    • How to build a Large size duplex house for two large dogs.
    Easy Build Dog House Plans book

    How To Build A Dog House Plans


    How to Stop Your Cat Peeing Outside The Littler Box
    STOP CAT PEEING,How to Stop Your Cat Peeing Outside The Littler Box

    Give Me 4 days And I'll Stop Your cat Peeing Outside the Litter Box 100% Guaranteed

      Is your cat peeing on your bed? On your carpet? On your clothes?
      Are you frustrated with trying to figure out why your cat is doing it?
      Are you interested in learning about how to fix your cat's inappropriate urination and getting your feline friend back to being an acceptable member of the household?
      If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then this may very well be the most exciting message you'll read all day. Here's why...
      You're about to discover a proven system for stopping your cat's inappropriate urination for good. This system works whether your cat has just started peeing where he shouldn't or even if he's been doing it for years.
      Here's the thing: Your cat is trying to tell you something.
      There are many reasons a cat will pee outside the litterbox but it is always a case of your cat trying to communicate an issue to their owner.

    How to Stop Your Cat Peeing Outside The Littler Box

    Dog Lover's Compendium

    Dog Lover's Compendium
    Dog Lover's Compendium

    Change Your Dog's Life Today! Have Them Living 5 or more Years Longer!

    Here is a unique product which not only compiles information on dogs and how they should be fed, but also provides dog lovers with a guide on what to feed their dog. It will:

    1. Show you the amazing diet most major dog food companies don't want you to know about!!
    2. Answer the problem of always looking for a “healthy” or “better” brand of pet food.
    3. Show you how you can make your dog healthier and happier!
    4. Ease your worry over whether your pet is eating the best food.

  • The pros and cons of various dog feeding models and why the raw food diet is the best diet for your canine buddy.
  • Step by step instructions on how to ease your puppy or adult dog to a raw food diet – regardless of their current health, age or stage in life.
  • Find out what the 26 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your dogs require to achieve optimum health.
  • Identify the food that meets the essential nutrient requirements that your dog needs.
  • Identify food that your dog should avoid – allergenic foods and potentially fatal foods.
  • Learn why your dog needs fruits and vegetables, too.
  • AND MORE..

  • A Complete Guide To Putting Your Dog On A Raw Food Diet


    Petsumer Report Pet Food Ratings and Reviews

    Petsumer Report™
    "It's about time somebody told me!"
    Would you give your pet a food that contained ingredients from China?
    Would you give your pet a food that contained chemicals linked to cancer?
    Would you feed your pet meat from diseased, drugged animals?
    You might be right now and not even know it.

          The truth...
    • Pet Food labels are legally allowed to lie to you.  Regulations allow a pet food to make "unqualified claims, either directly or indirectly" on pet food labels.  'Healthy Weight' or 'Extend Your Pet's Life' might be an "unqualified claim".
    • Although tainted Chinese imported ingredients were responsible for killing thousands of dogs and cats in 2007, although China continues to struggle with quality control, many pet food manufacturers continue to purchase cheap ingredients from China.
      Some Pet Food Manufacturers bother to obtain APHIS EU Certification(Animal Plant Health Inspection Services European Union)
      This certification requires that meat ingredients are USDA human grade
      Petsumer Report tells you which Pet Food Manufacturers have APHIS EU Certification
    AND MORE...

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