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truthaboutfatburningfoods metaboliccooking anaboliccooking Renegade Diet Book The-Alkaline-Diet-eBook

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

Metabolic Cooking

Anabolic Cooking

Renegade Diet Book

The Alkaline Diet

Healthy Desserts Cookbook superfoodnewsdaily Coconut-Ebook Fatty Liver Diet Guide The Juicing Factor

Healthy Desserts Cookbook

101 Superfoods

Coconut Ebook

Fatty Liver Diet Guide

The Juicing Factor


Breakthrough Science Proves It. Now You Can Instantly Transform Your Diet To Burn MORE Belly Fat By Banishing The “Hidden” Fat-Storing Ingredients Lurking Inside Your Kitchen Using These Little-Known, Simple And Delicious Food Swaps…

The 3 biggest nutrition mistakes 99.9% of people make and falsely believe in that STOPS your body from burning belly fat every day. (now you can avoid this starting today) * How you can salt your food ALL YOU WANT, using a specific “healthy” salt that, believe it or not, actually regulates your blood pressure instead of slowly killing you. And shocking facts about why cutting down on your sodium intake may actually be destroying your health. *How to instantly tell if your cooking oil is real and healthy. Plus, the ONLY oil to use when you’re cooking with high temperatures. (revealed on page 45) *Mom was wrong: Milk is NOT a good source of calcium. In fact, the majority of over-the-counter milks will actually “leech” calcium form our bodies! (you’ll learn exactly why on page 15) *How the RIGHT kind of red meat can actually help you burn more fat. It’s not hard to find, but you have to know what you’re looking for or you could get “tricked”. (details on page 8)


Metabolic Cooking recipes have all been designed with high Metabolic Thermo Charge ingredients. Metabolic Cooking uses a really great “profiling system” for its recipes. Metabolic Cooking also fights the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon.

The Complete Metabolic Cooking Package
The Complete Metabolic Cooking Package

More than 250 Fat Torching Recipes, all designed with metabolic thermo-charged ingredients. These recipes are all quick and easy to prepare, are ultra tasty, and will boost your metabolism for a fat burning diet. A Built-In Nutritional System: our special Metabolic Nutri-Profile we’re using in all the recipes will tell you precisely what nutrients you're taking in and make sure that each meal is making the most out of your metabolic rate. Now, managing your nutrition will be simpler and way more effective. EVERYTHING About Fat Burning Foods: everything that a person looking to lose body fat should know about food and nutrition. You will get access to our exclusive list of metabolic thermo-charged top fat burning foods! Our 10 Cooking And Nutrition Rules: learn our non-negotiable and essential principles to be successful with your fat loss goals. How To Beat The Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon: you will learn what, when and how to eat in order to burn the fat non-stop, faster, and keep it off FOREVER. AND MUCH MUCH MORE...




More than 200 "Anabolicious" recipes, all full of flavours, designed to promote muscle building and fat loss, and that you can prepare in minutes. In fact those recipes are so easy to make, even a 10 year-old can do it! Done-For-You Meal Plans : I will tell you what to eat, when to eat, and how to prepare all your meals, with the complete shopping list and full step-by-step directions. All that supported by my Best Nutrient Timing Strategies. Anabolic Cooking and Nutrition Fundamentals: everything that a person involved in bodybuilding or fitness MUST know about nutrition. You will know exactly what’s in the food your eating! A Virtual Cooking Class: learn how to read a recipe, the different cutting techniques and cooking methods, completed with the Anabolic Cooking Glossary. All you need to know to get started cooking will be covered from A to Z! AND MUCH MORE...



Why your current diet is turning you into a fat storing machine. Why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. How to fix low testosterone and elevated estrogen levels. Why following the traditional rules of meal frequency is making you fatter and sicker. What common household foods are wreaking havoc on your joints. Why carbs are NOT the enemy and can help you get ripped… if you know how to use them properly. How most diets accelerate the aging process. Why you need to eat MORE sodium; not less. How excess protein consumption increases bodyfat and DOESN’T help you build muscle. Save your money! What to do immediately before training to dramatically enhance fat burning. Why you don’t need as many calories as you thought to build muscle. AND MUCH MORE...


The-Alkaline-Diet-eBook The Alkaline Diet Will Transform Your Health Forever… alkaline diet food choicesThe thing is most of the people have been eating the wrong way. The ‘balanced’ diet that taught us about the food pyramids, balanced meal and healthy food, are the culprits in making us obese, disease, and ill. And this is because the ‘balanced’ diet that contains majority of meat, dairy and grains make up an acidic meal. Kick-start your alkaline diet in no time flat – Learn practical alkaline tips from some of the frequently asked questions we receive from other subscribers! Restore your alkaline level in your blood to keep your body at the optimal level and prevent your body from illnesses and diseases Welcome renewed vigor, mental clarity, better over-all health, and a lean body. The key? Your health depends on the pH balance of the blood. Discover the 3 types of acidic foods you want to avoid which are messing up your acid alkaline level – Information the big food companies are hiding from you.


All Fitness And Nutrition Audiences Love This Cookbook

Healthy Desserts Cookbook The Dessert Angel’s 5 Tips for Delicious Dieting – After you discover my 5 Tips for Delicious Dieting, you’ll never have to suffer on a “deprivation diet” again! The 6 Deadly SINgredients – Every typical dessert and even most “healthy” desserts contain at least 2 of the SINgredients… SINgredients sap your energy, screw up your hormones and sabotage your diet to make it impossible to lose weight… Worst of all is that even some ‘healthy’ desserts and treats have these ingredients too! Once you’ve identified the SINgredients, you’ll never sabotage your diet or physique again. The Dessert Angel’s Divine Ingredients – These ingredients not only make yummy desserts but also help you slim down, contribute to hormone balance, keep you young and give you boundless energy. Each and every Dessert Angel recipe contains some of the Divine Ingredients and NONE of the SINgredients.


superfoodnewsdaily Learn which 5 “fatty foods” can help protect your heart, lower blood pressure and improve the ease of your breathing. pain-signDo you love grilled steak? Great news… find out how it can help you battle inflammation and pain. Beware of the 3 sinister foods that most of us eat every day, that are keeping our bodies in a constant state of inflammation and pain. Discover the SINGLE most important vitamin that can help ease joint pain and inflammation. How adding this one refreshing beverage, can help start the process of extinguishing the inflammation that is going on in your body. Discover the 3 types of nuts, to eat every day, that will help fix damaged tissue, have the highest levels of antioxidants and neutralize damaging free radicals in your body. AND MUCH MORE...



Why the Lipid Hypothesis (the theory that scared us off of saturated fats) doesn't make sense and what modern medicine has to say about the cholesterol & heart disease connection!
The fats that you truly must avoid to hold onto your health!
The truth about margarine and how it doubles your risk of heart disease!
Why the French have the lowest rate of coronary heart disease of any Western country, despite their high fat diet!
The type of fat found mostly in clogged arteries and why it will shock you!
The unique quality that helps coconut oil readily fight viruses, bacteria and even yeast!
The special reason The Health and Science Institute proves coconut oil can promote colon health! The secret ingredient in coconut oil that burns fat quickly to fuel the body! Why coconut oil makes you feel fuller longer and reduces food cravings! The numerous symptoms that may indicate your thyroid is deficient—Including fatigue, weight gain, depression, constipation, loss of sex drive and more! The two foods that are the worst iodine blockers that could be wreaking havoc for your thyroid health!



Fatty Liver Diet Guide

Veteran Liver Nurse Reveals: Controversial, Research-based, and Scientifically Proven Liver Diet Guide Recommended by Top US Hepatologists and Dietitians to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease w/o taking expensive meds and going through dangerous surgeries…FOREVER. Discover the scientifically proven, research-based Fatty Liver Disease Diet focused on how to Immediately Stop the progression of your liver disease STARTING TODAY! Put a stop to the liver-damaging products and habits… that you are taking in your body on a daily basis. Save thousands of dollars… from expensive drugs, costly doctor consultation fees, and unnecessary surgeries. Enjoy your life back… and never worry about your liver disease again. A simple and straightforward plan to reverse and manage fatty liver disease by beating the disease right from its roots! A Diet Workbook that you can use to follow the Liver Disease Diet Guide on your own pace, on your own schedule, and your own preferences. It makes everything toddler-easy! The huge mistakes that you are doing almost on a daily basis that hurt your liver and help the progression of your fatty liver disease. You need to stop doing them… today! Herbal medicines and Epsom Salt Remedies for Liver Diseases -Will it help your liver or not? Mysteries uncovered and myths are busted… Find out the real answer. How to do a Liver Flush using a common item. This has been backed by medical research and has been subject of many medical journals. It has proven it’s effectiveness on hundreds of liver patients and now you will get this on this book. AND MUCH MORE...


The Juicing Factor

The Juicing Recipes Book lets you jump on board right away with everything on autopilot and planned out for you. It'll save you time, money and help you stay on track. A complete handbook to achieve more than just weight loss from juicing. Strategies discussed include: better skin, improved eyesight, cancer and disease fighting, more energy and much more. The ultimate guidebook to buying and juicing the right fruits and vegetables, whatever your goal. We share the best and more effective fruit and vegetables to juice with. Lose Weight Effortlessly: Using the power of fresh fruits and vegetables juice, you will be able to lower your calorie intake, boost your metabolism and cleanse your liver. Have More Energy: Due to the higher vitamin intake, lower carbs and lower glucose spikes, your energy levels will both be higher and average and constant throughout the day. Remove Junk Food Cravings: Fresh Vegetable Juices have this magical power : they remove your fatty/sugary food cravings by changing the way your taste buds work and make you crave healthy food instead. Lower Risk Of Chronic Diseases: While most diets will put your health at risk by starving your body, the minerals and vitamins found in our exclusive juicing recipes will improve your overall health and lower chronic diseases risks.

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