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guildcreationguide4 The ultimate League of Legends guide

Guild Wars Helper

League of Legends Guide

Learn everything you need for MMORPG guild creation, managment and website creation. Be the best guild officer and leader

MMORPG Guild Creation Guide Bundle

MMORPG is to Create your Very own Guild


The ultimate League of Legends guide teaching you how to carry feeders, dominate ranked, get platinum-tier, and even win 4v5 when someone is afk.

The ultimate League of Legends guide
Summoner School teaches you how to carry feeders, dominate ranked, get platinum-tier, and even win 4v5 when someone is afk. Now up-to-date with season 3.
  • Unlock all the champions for FREE with 7 simple tips to collect IP fast (save money never buying RP again to own champions and runes) – pg. 10
  • 3 rules of game-winning masteries (ignored by 70% of players) – pg. 2
  • Exact rune pages to use for all roles (so your enemy fears you and you clear the jungle in a snap) – pgs. 12-17
  • The #1 mistake casting the Heal summoner spell… and how it can lose you the game (plus the right ways to pick and use every summoner spell) – pgs. 19-22
  • 5 tips to quickly make friends at champion select (create slaves for the rest of the game eager to listen to your guidance) – pg. 23
    • 2 laws to handle trolls so they don’t ruin your game (a troll became my friend with these 2 tips!) – pg. 24
    • A dirty banning strategy to handicap the enemy team (cripple the enemy before champion select) – pg. 26
    • Very simple tactic to get first blood in 2 minutes (hint: it’s not invading) – pg. 31
    • Skip the piece of advice on page 23 to make noob teammates worse (but follow it to get your team feeling “you’re like family”) – pg. 23
  • 13 rules for eagle-eye map awareness so you never die to surprising enemies (includes 4 tips that make the blindest teammate safe) – pgs. 26-27
  • How to get kills ganking like Rambo (enemies that escape ganks can make you worse off from missing minion kills)… make your lane opponent angry at his teammates who fed you – pgs. 42-45
  • How to ward anywhere on the map in all stages of the game to get kills and survive ganks (well-used by smart LoL players) – pgs. 3, 6, 9 & 11
  • A hidden secret that is like removing fog-of-war to locate enemy wards… (I’ve never heard this discussed online) – pg. 15
  • AND MORE..
  • The #1 mistake by every League of Legends player that makes them die (a head-slapping moment for you here) – pg. 23
  • Breakthrough way to position and target like a pro in every fight so you get kills and stay alive (stunningly simple way explained step-by-step for the first time) – pgs. 12-13
  • 2000-year-old rule to win team fights in LoL (ancient wisdom reveals when to push towers, retreat, farm, or join your team to fight) – pgs. 4-6
  • AND MORE...

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