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LAYER OF PROFIT Horse Racing Betting System easier lay and Win e-book



Layer of profit Horse Racing Betting System Easier Flat Masters The Horse Race System The UK Horse Racing Advisory Service
The Pro Punter Package guaranteedwinners


betting book shop Horse Racing Betting System
The Pro Punter Package Guaranteed Winners First Favourite Betting Bookshop for Punters Following the Money

Another Layer Of Profit For Your Betting Portfolio

  Instead of backing a horse to win, Join us and Lay the horse to lose.
  Now instead of looking through the papers for hours on end, looking for your own horse's to lay. Join our service, and let us do all the hard work for you, and send you the best lay tip of the day.
  We make sure that the tip that We send to all our subscriber's are hitting the low end of the market, so only making small losses, when the horse wins, with our maximum lay price of 4.0 bfsp.
  Total Profit/Loss = + 41.37 pts
  £10 per point = + £413.7
  £50 per point = + £2068.5
  £100 per point = + £4137
  All above results are after betfairs commission of 5% on all profitable lay bets.
  This is just from BFSP, anyone getting on bets early are making much more!!

3 More Losing Lays If Getting Bets Matched Before BFSP With Our Maximum Odds Advised


start making money from your gambling overnight

Horse Racing Betting System easier     UK Horse Racing Betting Sytems Revealed!

27 Unique Betting systems The techniques for making them work The most important rule of gambling and why you must use it How to guarantee you will always have money to bet with The tools you need to make gambling a success Betting Systems that only need a newspaper Betting Systems that need access to just one FREE popular web site Handicap Betting Systems Non- Handicap betting systems Most of these systems can be started with just a few dollars or pounds Many of the systems are low risk and very easy to follow

UK Horse Racing Betting Sytems Revealed Simple Techniques



A Method that Generates Your First Profits Today A Way to get instant floods of income immediately Something so simple any player with any level of experience and skill can use it... Get Big Priced Winners, Not Just Low Priced Favorites. Squeeze Every Last Drop Of Profit From The Bookies Every Single Day.

The Best Horse Gambling Betting Service Of 2012


live horse racing streaming
The Horse Race System Is An Advanced Software System Which Intelligently Calculates The Stakes You Need To Bet To Alway End Up In The Black And Profit From The Bookies.

Learn How to Profit from the Bookies even When your Horse Loses



Horse Racing Tips from The Pro That The Professionals Use!

Learn How To Become Part Of 1% Of Punters Who Actually Making A Profit From Races. Stop wasting money on 'secret loopholes' and tipsters - get the tools of a professional gambler and devastate the betting exchanges

A tipster that shows a list of winners without showing the huge list of losing bets. One of the many amazing systems that claims to make you rich with nothing more than 50 and 10 minutes work every morning.
An ebook promising you a complete guide to betting but delivers 50 pages about how to use betfair and a pathetic 1 page system that makes no logical sense.

You can be a total beginner who knows nothing about horse racing or a seasoned punter, no matter who you are or what you do, providing you are willing to learn new skills the Pro Punter Package will provide a realistic, logical and profitable toolset that you can use to make as much or as little profit as you like!

The Most Profitable Races to Bet on Professional Gambler

bett odds



Guaranteed Winners


Become A Profitable Horse Betting Expert, And Consistently Bring Home An Excellent ROI That Will Leave The Bookies Crying!
Professional Horse Race Bettor Shares His Knowledge So That You Get The Success You always Wanted!
first favourite

On New Years Eve Day of 2012 I won by betting on “Horizontal Speed” at Uttoxeter. Odds were 3.25 to 1. He came first.

On February 8th of 2013 I bet on “Dingo Bay” in Newcastle. Odds 2.88 to 1…. and… first place.

At Plumpton on February 25th 2013 my system told me to bet on a horse named “Leviathan”. Odds 3.25 to 1, and again, first place!

The next day February 26th 2013 my system told me to bet on a horse named “Howard’s Legacy” who was racing at Leicester. Odds 3 to 1. He landed again… in first place.

Only a few short days later on March 8th, I bet on a horse named “Light From Mars” to win out at Kempton. And once again, first place.

Profitable Betting Tips Provided Every Day


betting book shop


betting book shop This software is dead easy to use and gets order back into your BETTING. See most people don't make poor selections, they fail because they have no PLAN. The old saying " Failing To Plan, is Planning To FAIL" This Lay Cover Staking, is for lay betting, whether it is horses, dogs, football or sports that offer odds up to around 8.00 (7/1). These are the odds that in most cases will give you the strike rate to make the software a powerful earner.


How easy is it to use?

Turn the computer on. (Will not work on Apple products.)

Grab a coffee. (Give time for the computer to load.)

Open Racing Profit Booster, and set the settings you want (30 seconds done.)

Watch the results the software gives you, open your Betfair account.

Open your bookie accounts, and start making profitable trades.

Software updates every 3 and half minutes, and new trades will appear.

Have a break, you need to get another coffee and food.. yes it can become addictive.

Find time to spend the profits.
All The Tools And Softwares You Need To Get A Head In The Game Of Making Profits In The UK Horse Racing Scene. Whether A Backer Or Layer, Or Straight Out Trader The Tools And Knowledge Can Be Found Here. Exciting Softwares And Systems.


Betting Bookshop for Punters, Racing and Sports

How to WIN Money At the Racetrack

money on racing systems
Horse Racing Betting System

I'll show you how to WIN on horses without a tipster, special software, or the racing form!!!

  Are you tired of....
  Long nights pouring over the racing form trying to find the winners?
  Coming back from the races empty handed because the
expensive tipster service failed you again?  
  Wasting your hard earned money on racing systems that make   
big promises and don't deliver?
  Well then I have THE SYSTEM for you.  

   Like you, I have bought many horse racing systems that made claims of making you tons of money, only to find out that they don't stand the test of time or they were so complicated that you need to be a rocket scientist to figure them out.
   Other systems have you buy a racing form and then spend long nights pouring over it trying to find the winners.... only to watch your picks lose race after race.  
   Still others require you to subscribe to their "hot picks" service.  Unfortunately, even if the picks do come through, you'd be lucky to break even for the day after you've paid their pricey service fees.

Horse Racing Betting System Hot Picks Service



Clickbank Marketing Tools

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