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WIN FORECASTERS The Safebet Dynamic Staking Plan elitebets knockouttips
Double up Profits Win Forecaster The Safebet Dynamic Staking Plan Elite Bets Knock out Tips
barrierqueen HORSE RACING proven long term system


saving horse racing Racing Winners
Barrier Queen The Fancy Fillies Horse Racing System Victor Value Racing Focus Ratings Racing Winners


double horse racing profits

Double Up Profits is a horse racing tipster service that has been running since the start of the 2013 flat season.

Between April 2013 and October 2013 (The duration of the flat season), our selections made £7,380.93 profit. These figures are based on £20 single bets and £10 doubles, and of course are after Betfair's 5% commissions.

We've got off to a great start in 2014 too. Using this method and £10 per point level staking, we managed to make a after fees profit of £7,380.93. Remember this is over the 7 month flat season only. So we were averaging just over £1,000 pure profit each month. With the 2014 Flat Season now in full swing and Double Up Profits getting off to yet another great start, we have decided to open the doors to this previously invite only service. We have now combined out Flat & AW services to provide one great service.

Double Up Profits

The Most Accurate Horse Racing Tipster Service


Even with the power of the WIN FORECASTERS software it took me months and months to maintain a strike rate of 40% +. The results I have provided are pulled directly from the servers that house the WIN FORECASTER software with nothing missing and nothing added. You can finally go about your racing with the backing of a system that’s going to inject the fun, profits and consistency back in to your horse racing bets. The first few paid trials of the WIN FORECASTER have gone down a treat both with my public clients and also my corporate clients who pay a significantly higher licensing fee.

The WIN FORECASTERS Bespoke Betting System

Don't Gamble with your Betting

The Safebet Dynamic Staking Plan

  Treat betting as an investment
  Cancel the effect of losing runs
  Turn my losses into profits
  Rely on sports betting as a good source of income"
Now your wish has come true with:

Safebet Dynamic Staking Plan

Set up multiple plans for betting on different sports or using different selection methods or tipsters. Enter your own preferences for the 'safety' and 'agressiveness' targets of the plans. Use the 'What If" function to test what would happen to your profits with different program settings.

The Safebet Difference

  The Safebet Difference
   The BLUE line above shows the results with EXACTLY THE SAME bets, at exactly the same odds - but using the Safebet Investment Plan software.
Analyse your performance with mutiple graphs and tables. Let the program automatically analyse your performance and adjust for best profit and safety. Use any currency, fixed odds or Pari-Mutuel betting. Use British, American or European odds conventions. 

The Profit over 170 Bets in Real Racing Tips Service


These incredible tips have PROVEN to be incredibly accurate so you’re GUARANTEED to make money! By signing up for our fully verified tipster service today you’ll have a minimum of £3,000 in your bank account by the end of the month.

Elite Bets Racing Tipster


Subscribe – Knockout Tips

Using a combination of contacts picked up by Curtis, we have some of the shrewdest men in the country in our stable. Add to that a well respected form analyst and it's a recipe for success

Subscribe – Knockout Tips

bett odds


Although you may not be able to make £1million or buy a ten bedroom mansion, you CAN earn over £1,000 per week; a minimum of £70,000 per year. That is still a life changing amount of money!

Learn Horse Racing Betting


HORSE RACING proven long term system

Take a little known fact from the racing world, add a mathematically proven calculation and in just 15 minutes a day working from the comfort of your own home you will earn a profitable income!
And how do we know?................Because we do it, which is exactly why we can show you how to earn this kind of income ............... and it's tax free!
This system has produced over £21,000 profit in the last three years,
not bad for 15 minutes a day!

This is not a fly-by-night system that works for a couple of weeks and then stops this system has already been running successfully for over three years it is tried and tested. Because we also operate the system ourselves
we have been able to tweak and slightly improve the system to give it a better profit margin.

The complete Super System Staking Plan


Victor Value Racing

Let’s assume a bet of £25 per race, then here is what Victor has delivered.

2011 – 232 points profit, that’s £5,800 of clear profit and a Return on Investment of 26.30%

2012 – 211 points profit, that’s £5,275 of clear profit and a Return on Investment of 24.00%

2013 – 240 points profit, that’s £6,000 of clear profit

2014 (up to May 31st) – 130 points profit, that’s £3,250 of clear profit

Of course, if the stakes were upped to £50 per bet, then the results are looking even better again. Oh and don’t forget that gambling winnings in the UK are untaxed, so those profits actually equate an annual wage of approximately £16,000

2011 – 232 points profit, that’s £11,600 of clear profit

2012 – 211 points profit, that’s £10,550 of clear profit

2013 – 240 points profit, that’s £12,000 of clear profit

2014 (up to May 31st) – 130 points profit, that’s £6,500 of clear profit

Victor Value Racing

Is A Horse Racing Ratings Service (uk & Irish). Time saving horse racing ratings that allow you to focus on the real contenders

Horse Racing Ratings Service
Our Service Focus-On-Your-DreamsFocus Ratings is a ratings service designed to aid you and help you narrow the field so that you can concentrate on the real contenders. Our completely computerised analysis system selects the top three rated horses from each race and sends out a list of all selected horses every day at 9:55 a.m. Ease of use… The whole system is set up for ease of use. Although you will receive a daily email with the Ratings as a PDF attachment you can view the ratings online. Our results are updated every day and available for anyone to view. Once you have signed up you will be able to access today’s ratings.
2013-04-27 Ripon 02:20 Two For Two 1 6.00
2013-04-27 Sandown 03:15 Al Kazeem 1 3.25
2013-04-27 Leicester 03:20 Red Runaway 1 5.00
2013-04-27 Market Rasen 03:40 Flaming Gorge 1 2.88
2013-04-27 Leicester 03:55 Producer 1 3.75
2013-04-27 Ripon 04:05 Voodoo Prince 1 2.38
2013-04-27 Punchestown 04:25 Glens Melody 1 4.50
2013-04-27 Ripon 04:40 The Art Of Racing 1 2.25
2013-04-27 Market Rasen 04:45 Diamond Frontier 1 4.33
2013-04-27 Punchestown 05:00 Diakali 1 0.00
2013-04-27 Leicester 05:05 Unmoothaj 1 2.20
2013-04-27 Doncaster 05:10 Karaka Jack 1 5.00
2013-04-27 Ripon 05:15 Havana Cooler 1 2.50
2013-04-27 Market Rasen 05:20 Oscar Hoof 1 1.83
2013-04-27 Haydock 05:25 Brass Ring 1 2.75
2013-04-27 Leicester 05:35 Seeking Magic 1 4.50
2013-04-27 Doncaster 06:15 Jubilante 1 0.00
2013-04-27 Doncaster 06:45 Lions Arch 1 4.00
2013-04-27 Doncaster 07:45 Sheikhzayedroad 1 4.00
2013-04-27 Haydock 08:00 Icebuster 1 4.50

Saving Horse Racing Ratings

Racing Winners - Horse Racing Backing System
Racing Profits

RACING WINNERS Horse Racing Backing System Racing Profits

"Discover how you can double your betting bank within the first three months through backing the correct horses in certain types of races using a brand new system for 2010 called Racing Winners !" 

Our horse racing backing methodology at Racing Winners is broken down into five crucial parts, in order to be able to complete the betting jigsaw & gain long term profitability.
  1. Betting Rules
  2. Selection Criteria
  3. Money Managemen
  4. Financial Discipline
  5. Profit Compounding 
  If you cannot follow straightforward rules then, how can you possibly expect to make a consistent profit from any type of betting ?

RACING WINNERS Horse Racing Backing System Racing Profits



Clickbank Marketing Tools

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