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AMERICAN ACCENT FOR ACTOR: PRACTICALLY SPEAKING Screenplay Secrets Revealed Make the drama! Don't become the drama! Toefl Coach Online

American Accent for Actors: Pratically Speaking

Screen Play Wiriting Secrets

Drama Teaching Ebook

Toefl Coach Online

with Hollywood Professional
A practical guide to learning the American accent


Learn the American Accent the easy way! with one of the leading accent coaches in the business!
Isn't it time you learned the American Accent and gave yourself a chance to land a role on the next American film that comes to town?

      eBook with 126 pages, color illustrations and photos.
       Step by step lesson working each major area of the American Accent.
       Over an hour (1.5 GB) of Video taught by an industry professional with over 12 years of teaching and coaching experience.
       Audio for Vowel Practice (including female and male voices).
       A tried and tested Practical approach to learning the Accent!

    This book was made for Australians and New Zealanders can it work for me?
  Troy has worked with all kinds of Nationalities and accent with AWESOME results. Troy did originally write this book with Australians and New Zealanders in mind as he resides in Australia. However the book focuses mainly on the American Accent with only some references to the Australian Accent. The American Accent does not change from one nationality to another.
      Troy has used this book and his technique to help such accents as English (London), Northern England, Irish, South African and Italian and the results have been exceptional. Just see what Nino and Brian have to say.

Learning the American Accent Visit Website

How To Write A Screenplay

Screenplay Secrets Revealed

Seven Moments - Screenplay Edition Improve Your Script Overnight

"There is a secret method to captivating an audience that you don't know about. Screenwriting courses aren't discussing it, and you won't find it in books. Nor will they teach you this method in film school. You can only learn this information right here, on this page. Keep reading; your screenwriting career depends on it. This information has never been discussed before."  - Christian Blake
With my book, you'll learn how to:

• Objectively Measure The Strength of Any Scene
• Elevate The Overall Quality of Your Script
• Strengthen Dialogue Immediately
• Eliminate Unnecessary Scenes
• Learn How To Harness The Power of The Seven Moments To Captivate Your Audience

Screenplay Secrets Revealed
Visit Website

Organised Chaos: A Very Practical Guide to Drama Teaching
Make the drama! Don't become the drama!

Make the drama! Don't become the drama!

Are you a new drama teacher looking to prepare thoroughly for your new career?
Are you looking for a drama teaching book that is jam-packed with great information, good ideas and wise advice?
Are you struggling with your teaching, feeling out of your depth, or just plain running out of ideas?
Then take time to look at the video or read the outline below and do your self a favour and buy a copy of:
“Organised Chaos: A Very Practical Guide to Drama Teaching.”

Chapter 1. Portrait of a Failed/Successful Drama Teacher
A brief outline of my career from it’s early beginnings till now.
Chapter 2. The Teacher/Student Relationship
Some hard lessons I learned on how to establish the right relationship with your students to ensure success.
Chapter 3. The Drama Class is Dynamic and Unpredictable
Some insights into what to expect and how to deal with the dynamics of a drama class.
Chapter 4. The Drama Space
An outline of what are the best spaces and best resources for an effective drama teaching space.
Chapter 5. The Problem with Mandatory Unitised Curriculum?
Some key guidelines on how to organise a drama program and what to expect when you run it.
Chapter 6. My Approach to Drama
My personal approach on how to structure a drama program and why.

Practical Guide to Drama Teaching
Visit Website


       TOEFLcoach GOLD is a specialized TOEFL preparation course for people who need to obtain a high score on the  TOEFL to gain entry to their preferred University or College.
       How Does It Work?
      TOEFLcoach GOLD works as a personal course to prepare you correctly for the TOEFL. The course uses a special process to teach you specific knowledge and planning to achieve a high score in each section of the TOEFL.
      What Are The Components Of TOEFLcoach GOLD?
      1. Initial TOEFL Evaluation - This is a 1 hour detailed evaluation to determine your current approximate TOEFL score. This evaluation helps you and your TOEFLcoach to determine what is necessary for you to gain entry to your preferred University or College.
      2. English Analysis - This analysis identifies what errors you are consistently making with your English. Once these errors are identified, you are given exercises to eliminate them.
      3. Home-Study Course - This is the core knowledge of TOEFLcoach GOLD. The Home-Study course is a series of modules which are sent directly to your email every week. These modules contain all of the necessary information about how to get a high score in each section of the TOEFL. Each module is broken down into units which contain reading and exercises for you to complete. AND MORE..

TOEFL Preparation Course Visit Website


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